League of Legends Username exchange/ LoL talk


noticed alot of people on here play league. so I thought itd be a good idea to add each other (maybe we can try a 5v5 ranked team #evolvecult) and talk alll things league of legends. like the extreme visual update coming as well as the AMAZING DOOM BOTS.

Edit: oh yeah my name on there is Roninx11 im a gold IV PRO ^.^

Dbl Edit: NA Server…i 4got lol.


I am ashamed of my ranked rating right now: DECAY IS SUPER OP!!!


I won’t play, but i’ll add that you should specify server because Evolve’s fans don’t reside only on NA.


my best times were in silver! 3-1 they try SO HARD to get to gold i had the closest games of my life there. g5 is just a bunch of diamond failing trolls :,(


Yea, it gets a lot better at gold 1. I ended up not playing for like 4 months though so now I’m in silver 1.


You guys can add me if you want I’m a Diamond1 Player on NA server ign: Jordian

I’m always happy to answer questions and stuff.


nice!. i feel like i proly cuda made it up there this season. but i decided to do 10 games with each adc(my main) and so the lower tier kog (pre-patch) did really bad as well as urgot hahaha. but i didnt care i had fun and now im proficient or higher with all adc. but lately iv been burnt of the position so i go to other lanes even in ranked haha.