Leadership and Command Perks


OK. New player here, specializing usually as Medic or Support. I figure that the best way to help the team in those roles, and try to stem the momentum of any Monster player is to be able to use the “4” ability as much as possible (ie: Healing Burst, Team Shield).

So I been investing a lot in the Leadership Tier 2 perk, and I plan to stack it with the Command Tier 3 perk.
The descriptions say that it improves cooldown on the special ability, but I’m not sure if Special Ability refers to the “4” ability.

Can someone share what they know on this?


Pretty sure the Leadership perk is for class specific abilities only :thinking:


Both improve the class ability, I’m sure. I stacked them on Medic once and Healburst was way faster.

But maybe I am delusional.


Yeah, I was hoping to “spam” the “4” ability. I mean, I’m not that good really at taking the monster head on (I doubt any Hunter can unless they got infinite rockets or something as the only survival tactic is “fly away”).

I also felt like the “4” abilities were recharging faster and I had at least a few games as Caira where I felt I was able to use the Healing Burst more aggressively while hiding above and behind the monster on a ledge and raining down healing grenades and spamming “4”.

Speaking of Healing Grenades… If I get Increase Weapon Damage perks, do they also increase the heal “inflicted” by Healing Grenades?


Nein, they do not.


Danken. At least I know I won’t be spending Keys on those for a while… Maybe if I start to like Assault more. Marakov is pretty nice (if you’re able to spam “4”… hehehe).


I would suggest against taking the damage increase perks. Not enough value on em atm.


Yeah… I figure that the theme of the game being “Boss Fights”, Hunters cannot possibly be more “Boss” than the “Monster Boss”. :slight_smile:

I upgraded Health Regen by one rank, but I’m having second thoughts on pushing to a 3rd level. Again, because I figure “You can’t be more Boss like than the Monster anyway”. Instead I’m thinking “Rocket Man” on max + Fully Upgraded Leadership + Fully Upgraded Command.

That way I specialize in “flying away and buffing teammates”. And I dunno, it might even work on Assault? (Spamming Personal Shield and flying out of reach and using “1” high damage weapon?).

Again, Monsters have so many advantages it’s really precious to know what kind of Perks to invest in.


You can unlock all perks to max. level without wasting a key, but takes time and you need to level most characters.

All I got so far were free, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I plan to make up for it by not buying any Hunters or Monsters for a looooooong time. :slight_smile:
I just prefer being “useful” as early as possible.


I plan on investing on perks when we get the loadouts, right now buying perks on a time clock (on lobby) can make us fall into mistakes.


I feel that way about the Hunters. This game is SO unique that I feel like I have to try more of them on Free Rotation before deciding that some of them are keepers.