Leaderboards: Time is Unforgiving


What the topic says, the leaderboards are unforgiving when it comes to playtime and off time.

I was around rank 630 as Maggie, and the top 50 Griffin players yesterday.

After playing other hunters, getting 8 hours of sleep, doing housework stuff, and then logging back on, I am was rank 1211 as Maggie and 622 as Griffin. And after winning the first Griffin game today, I went 455.

Are leaderboards really going to be this brutal in time?

I still don't like Leaderboards

Lol the leaderboards are a terrible system. Only stat that matters is Win Lose and even then it just becomes the person who plays the most in some cases.


The leader boards wont carry over to the main game? can anyone confirm this?


Well pc and ps4 nothing will carry over…xbone ur progress does so not sure.


I thought there was a distance/death algorithm in there. And since there is, there’s no way I can climb back to top 50 due to people having low distance and high win ratios that are just starting out.


Don’t worry about leaderboards yet.I also went to sleep for like 10 hours but still in overall after playing 5 matches i’m again something like 39 spot.Also leaderboards won’t carry to the full game.Also again leaderboards are bugged.At least the Monster-Leaderboard is.It still says i have only 5 games


If i understand the leaderboards right from the Xbox - i think its just total wins that gets you ranked higher?


but i was ranked in top 8 overall in global :frowning: the grind to #1 was so close


there are but you can click which 1 you want to see. Its not an overall thing. You can see the #1 traveler the #1 fail died guy the #1 Win lose ratio

Just clik it at the top

edit: well i know wraith isn’t invincible since there are people who die lol


Well expect that to happen in the launch aswell.There are people out there doing marathons.People who haven’t even sleeped yet.I’m currently 15 hours in since i am a PC-user and got later in than the xbox.I’m pretty sure there are people with xbox who have even 30 hours


Im number 6 in the world with Caira ATM unless it changed but I have a feeling its wrong


Didn’t know that, thanks for the info and yea its insane i felt like the 15 hours ive put in is a lot but 30 hours is pretty dang intense.

Currently on a 2 hour break waiting for evacuation


Well, I went up about 600 in the rank, now I;m at 720 in Maggie.

I guess it’s a slow grind, but I’m still up there.


Like when you come back and start playing,winning 3 matches might give you 100 spots above.I mean there are 1000 people sitting at 1500 rank with 33 wins ok?When some1 wins and they go 34 wins he will pass those 1000 players.That’s how it works right now


We would like to hear more feedback on the leaderboards, thank you for starting the conversation!


Well I was the rank 3 laz and my stats got reset for no reason at all. So that could happen to you. I went from rank 3 on leadeoboards to rank 11000 because all my wins randomly got erased. It kept my deaths tho lol. I’m worried that will happen to me on the final build.


I didnt realise that you could scroll sideways to see your progress on different characters within a class. I thought it was all medic wins, all support wins etc. Might be helpful for other people to put emphasis on that


It really needs some sort of algorithm that matches up with MMR or an ELO system. Plain W/L ratio, or having statistics that don’t intermingle really skews people who play longer to have a better score than those who play better overall.

You could have a VERY amazing Goliath player who wins a lot of games and downs the hunters a ton of times with a low victory timer, but because he can’t play as often as bad goliath players that grind the leaderboards for wins, he is going to fall behind the boards and never catch up unless he does the same, despite his score.


leader boards have reset my rank for assault ont the xbox one numerous times, i’ve noticed it turns your wins to losses, lowering your WLR. Was 57 with markov last night around 12am, checked 2 am my wins went to 1, and rank to 57k. got back into top 25 today, BAM sent me back to 50,000’s had 27/30 wins today with markov, says i’ve won once. Issue is annoying as f, have made it into the top 1000 for markov at least 5 times, top 50 at least 3 times and all times my ranking in leaderboards been reset.

Xbox one console, Ruin Talent

Googled issue, im not only one with issue, also even a friend of mine has had the same issue today, he was top 100 val, got reset and sent back to 48k… he luckily got back up to rank 13, and didnt get reset as much as i did.


I actually think leaderboards ain’t working pretty well.For example right now i’m in the top15 but i asked a friend to go to the Global Leaderboards and he says i’m not there.

Here is what the Leaderboard is saying to me but i think everyone is seeing different things