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since many people care about leaderboards and leave lobbies when there is a bot as trapper or a bot on medic, support… wouldn’t it be good to not give the hunters a loss on their w/l when they lose the game because of a not full lobby (in the beginning)?

just wanted to play ONE game and 2 people left because no trapper was joining and they said we would not have a chance against this monster with a trapper bot and they don’t want a loss. i don’t care about my w/l… but maybe it will not frustrate people so much playing with bots and losing because they die to wildlife.


Sorry that your game was broken up like that. People can always hot swap until another player joins to keep the bots out of trouble. I don’t think it would work like you want since there would be monster and hunter players that would quit because the game wouldn’t count with a bot.


just dont force us to start a game with a bot

everyone would wait…

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“everyone”… who are you speaking for everyone?
i don’t wanna wait more than now… and because of these 2 guys i had to leave the game andf wait again for getting a new lobby, no thanks

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Well, if I remember correctly, the telemetry thread stated that win rates are higher with bots than without bots. So…what is the issue?

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