Leaderboards reset


Funny how you delete my post after I tell some home truths huh trs. Lol you take my money then have the cheek to reset me? Sort it out lol… Nice policy huh??? Lol

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Leaderboards being reset at random

No seriously, can I get your autograph?


The reason your post was hidden was due to language use…like this one (editing your post now so it will remain visible so we can have a discussion). And nobody reset you…if you have an XBox there is a bad glitch being reported where people are losing their progress. Is this for the XBox you’re having this issue?


Why??? Lol


Don’t you think after 4 years making the game, a alpha, a beta there should not be this many problems


Not being rude but I’ve been ripped off, how do you expect me to act lmfao??? Nice??? Pleasant??? Give me my money back and I’ll consider!


There are bound to be hiccups, even though there were alphas and betas. There’s a ton of people with this game now whereas those testing periods contained a fraction of what is there now. Please be patient…I know this will all get sorted out. No launch is perfect.


I have patience but I’m not going to get my rank back am I…!!! #1 Europe GONE!!!


I expect everyone to follow the forum guidelines and act respectable and professional. Your anger is warranted, but it’s very damaging to your argument when you go hostile. We all want to help you, but it’s off-putting when troubles are said in anger.


Dude calm down you are not the only one to get leaderboard reset, and atleast your progress didnt get reset like mine, my leaderboard and progress reset and im freaking out


Would sir like a Tissue?