Leaderboards problem


So I’m sorry in advance for another leaderboards post but I don’t know which is most recent (this is also my first time to forums ever…in like anything) anyway in my region on Xbox one I was rank 16 with Hyde and played with a somewhat buggy behemoth and the win that should have propelled me to 15 became the game that some reason reset me. So I’m kinda scared because this behemoth was odd I don’t want the game thinking I was hacking or cheating and upset I lost such a high position and I really hope I can get that position back anyway I’m sure this will be merged with some other leaderboards thing and I’ll continue to learn how to “forum”


This is a very common bug. Leaderboards just reset and ruin a bunch of things. Don’t worry, the game doesn’t think you’re cheating or anything. :slight_smile:


One of the top 20 ranked Goliath users on Xbone lost his wins the other day but the next day they were back. So there’s hope it will fix itself.

here’s another leaderboards question, are they ever going to reset them or erase the blatant cheaters?

edit, by cheaters I mean quitters.