Leaderboards not based on skill


The leaderboards are based solely on number of wins to get to the top. That means you can just not stop playing and winner more do to law of averages and be number 1 compared to someone who is much better then you but doesn’t play nearly as much. I recommend a skill system. Give everyone 1000 skill points. If you beat a team you get some of their skill points. if they have more skill points then you get a larger amount if they have less you get a smaller amount.


Pretty much everybody is already aware of how meaningless the leaderboards are.

No changes to it will matter until they sort out people leaving to avoid taking a loss.


No need to worry though. Mac confirmed that there will be ranked play introduced into the game in the future. During ranked play you will get to choose one role. So you wont have the chance at getting stuck with something you don’t want.

Let me rephrase the monster and hunter que will be separate. So if you choose hunter you may have to talk your teammates into letting play what you want. But that is not known yet.

So there will be some type of ranking system. But I guess this does not 100 percent say it wont be a win to loss thing. But I imagine it will be, just a more in depth one. Maybe one where some points are earned depending on win / loss depending on the team you face skill level.


Obviously the leaderboards are not complete proof but they show that some players with 50 wins and a few losses are not idiots.


Well as of right now you can ditch games and not take a loss for it. So pretty much all the board are false.


Yer the lack of a desserter punishment is feable minding - the penalty should be at least 5 minutes and as described above your rank should take a beating. I’m aware that a game crash could spoil a rank on occassion but thats rectified with a stable game build :wink:

Theres a simular thread to which I posted this:

The leaderboards are for me a massive disappointment - a lot of multiplayer games do this, ie award rank for grinding.

Please TRS can you create a rank that is calculated across WLR vs time played (or simular) and doesn’t just always increase. Something that reflects the form of your last 10 matches as opposed to something that just increases over time for everyone which is essentially meaningless. I want to see my rank fall if I play badly.


Yet everyone continues to brag about their rank. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t stand leaderboards in games, just pointless as they get filled with cheaters sooner or later, they also just end up being a d*ck measuring contest.

Too many people are obsessed with ranks and numbers, just enjoy the damn game and stop thinking your better than everyone else cause you gained a higher rank quicker… some people don’t spend 24/7 playing games.


They need a zero tolerance policy regarding leaderboards shenanigans. Have a look at World #1 Goliath. ~200 games and 0 deaths. This guy should really have his stats reset, if he’s a frequent leaver. I mean it’s 2015! Turtle Rock Studios should have enough means and metrics to detect shenanigans.

No competitive gamer ever is going to take this game seriously, if they don’t fix this mess ASAP. It’s the first impression, that counts and I wouldn’t want this game to be remembered for being a great game with meaningless leaderboards and lazy recolor skins. This really needs to be fixed.


There’s nothing bad with competition and nobody forces you to rock the leaderboards. It’s only bad if people who are playing by the rules are in a severe disadvantage. Turtle Rock Studios needs a zero tolerance policy for leaderboards shenanigans and cheaters.