Leaderboards... fix please?


As im sure alot of people know the leaderbords are a little shakey i thrive on thinking im a bomb medic so when i reached the top 100 of the world i decided to go all out i eventually reached rank 1 lazarus for xbox one i was very proud of myself ive never been that high on a leaderboard ever but 3 days or so after i achive my feat boom every single character i cared about was reset this also happened to a friend of mine who no doubt in my mind would have at least made it to the top 10 cabot so basically im just wondering if this issue is adressed for turtle rock and will it be fixed? Or am i forever in shame?


The only way I see fixing the leaderboards, is wiping them; and then fixing people from dropping on it.

But people would get pissed off about that. ^.^


Ya i have no clue honestly im just upset