[Leaderboards] Can't look at top 15 worldwide


Hi everyone,

For more than a week now, I’ve been anable to consult the leaderbords, with a global filter.
Does anyone else have the same problem?
Do you know how to counter it?
Can someple please show me an actual pic of global top 15 worldwide?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


It’s most likely due to some super smart cool people messing with the leaderboards, following some manual adjustments by TRS which resulted ultimately in a borked up top 15 leaderboard that’s currently not accessible.


So nobody can access them?
Thanks for the info :ok_hand:


only if ure in them

atleast i can see till place 10 but i cant go up


Little bump, in the hope someone might have a magical trick to help me. :smile:


Well, you could try the monthly/weekly global list with the filter option. Monthly global Wraith works for me, everything else not though. Theres really nothing you can do on your end. Just gonna have to wait for TRS to fix them eventually.