Leaderboards and Evac Coop


Did a search on this and see anything so bringing this up since its becoming worse with each day. Also I understand there’s plenty of other topics about Leaderboards not being taken seriously for other reasons, regardless I still think this needs to be mentioned.

Platform: PC
To the Devs: Was it intended for Coop to count towards Leaderboards? Because at this point majority of the top 15 leaderboards for each character and global are just spamming Evac Coop to farm wins against predictable and easily defeated AI monsters. After reaching #1 Markov global primarily playing PVP Evacs with a premade team, along with knowing a select few that are legitimately trying to stay at the top of the leaderboards playing only PVP matches, its aggravating to see the leaderboards swarmed with others that literally do nothing but Coop against AI.

This brings up the question of whether the Leaderboards were ever meant to be taken seriously along with all the other issues that have been talked about.


I’d say don’t give attention to Leaderboards? Just keep practicing for when the Ranked mode will come.Then you will have to care


Still, why implement something that should be totally ignored by the player base?


It shows your progress tho.How many wins/looses you have with each character.


That could have been shown in other ways, but putting a ranking structure on it implies that the devs had more intent than just to show “progress”.