Leaderboard Reset q____q


Okay so I’ve been playing a lot lately and I have been mastering my trapper characters. Yesterday when I checked the leaderbords I was in top30 with Maggie, today after playing a long session with a friend I gave a quick look at the leaderboards and BOOM I was ranked at 1300 or something. 4 Wins. WHAT THE FU-… Okay I know it’s just a game but I put alot of hours into ranking up in leaderboards and this is what happens. All of my deaths and gameplay hours still remain the same. I am really frustrated now and I feel like throwing this s### in the trash can. I hope this can be fixed or else, S### hits the fan.


Nope join the club I was number 2 in the world and had to climb my way back to number 10. Chances are you won’t get them back but some people seem to get lucky.


I keep getting this on Xbox one , I’ve given up Now. I was global 10 with caira and she reset and with slim I was global 20 and bow he’s reset .



Problem solved.