Leaderboard / progress deletion?


Now I know a lot of you don’t care about wins or leaderboards but I do, I love it, I really enjoy trying to get high up on them early on in the game.

I was at 19 wins with Abe, about to take the 1st place, and about 30+ wins overall, then all of a sudden im at 4 wins with Abe, and 17 wins overall (xboxone). However, whats really strange is that my time played is the same, so its not like I just deleted my last 6 hours of gameplay but its just randomly wiped a load of my wins?. Im really upset about this, (xbox one btw) I already had my lv reset earlier, grinded all the way back up, and now I’ve lost a load of wins to? Has this happened to anyone else ? Is there anyway I can get my progress back, really gutted. :frowning: Would appreciate any sort of response as to whether i can get my progress back?

Edit: as Far as I can tell nothing else has been reset/deleted this time, all my perks and masteries are the same, it is literally just my wins. and also, its only my wins with Abe, all my other character wins are the same. This is so annoying I really hope I get to keep my progress


I know this is far from a priority, but im going to bump it :confused:


Sorry to add more but i Just noticed some top leaderboard players on global have also lost a huge chunk of their wins, the dude who was at like 120 is now sitting at 80 wins