Leaderboard is buggy, sry :)


Continuing the discussion from Top 15 yeah!:


I would like to warn people that the leaderboard is now buggy since month. No more evolution of win/lose… It is frozen.
Maybe, we should report it on the bug part. :confused:

See ya.


It’s actually already been known and there is a bug report already.

They have been working on it. I assure you.


Oh ok! Yes I have been on the main topic about that:

So, I guess that all the wins done are lost forever. It is a pity, it makes my EK and Bob very bad :smiley:


Not necessarily. Most people have reported that the first time it broke the wins corrected. At least your W/L ratio will look better at the least. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I hope sp :smiley:



Since you’re already part of the discussion in the main Leaderboard ‘Bug’ thread, let’s keep the conversation going there :slight_smile: