Leaderboard: In top 15 bugged

On Xbox One if you are in the top fifteen for a leaderboard, it doesn’t let you see who is ranked above you. I’m pretty sure it’s tied to how the top fifteen button works when you are in the top fifteen. You can circumvent it by scrolling down then back up, but I figured I would report it because I haven’t seen anything about it.

Ohhh, it’s always been like this or something on PC atleast :smiley:

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Yep, I’m 13 on the Bucket leaderboard and I can’t see who is above me :sweat_smile:

Same here for me in the Regional leaderboard for Kraken on PS4.

Just press down on the d-pad and then press the y button, no hassle really

This, it is pretty much the most convenient way for it to work out.

I said in the post that you can do that. It’s still a bug though.

Is this true @LadieAuPair ? :heart:

I can get you a video if you want me to.

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A video would be great!

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Let me do that real quick then before I go to sleep.

Here you go :smile:

Thanks for helping guys !