Leaderboard bug


Ok 1st off great game…but i was 16 wins and 4 deaths with goliath on leaderboards now im 1 win 4 deaths…similar thing happened in beta but i didnt think the same bullshit would happen in the fucking real game…thx for wasting hours of my time once again…not that it matters since the game has made tons of money but im serious thinking about returning this game in the morning…no wonder left 4 dead didnt have leaderboards…


Just a lot of problems with the game right now just give them time to patch some stuff out. Still not even out a week yet, but I would bet a patch is coming soon.


A patch wont give me bac,k my numbers…i fucking took off vacation time at work to play it now have nothing to show for it

Biggest fucking failed launch ind evervolve isTrashever…whats the point of an open beta if its not even open long enough to find important bugs and glitches…doesnt matter tho i went ahead and returned game for full price 2 hours ago so in the long run im happy now …fuck evolve


And then 2k says there is nothing they can do…they wont even reset my stats so i can start over…why would everything reset but my deaths? fuckin dumb