Leader Board Ranking Hacks


The top few ranking positions are all held by obvious hacks with 1 million wins and little to no time played and 0 losses.
These players need to be removed. Evil Hamster and Juan are just a couple. Also there is a player named King who is the #1 Goliath who abuses the system and jumps out when he is about to lose so it does not count as a loss and he has 0. This is unfair to the hunters that deserve to beat him. There are even youtube videos showing him doing this. Please do a cleaning up of the leader boards.


Didn’t they change the system? So that if you leave a game it will now count as a loss?


Yes, they did.


If you close the game vs selecting ‘Leave Game’ does it count as a loss though??


That would count as a disconnect I believe. In which case it would count as a loss.


good to know. Personally I do not care much about statistics. Its just a game. If I am having fun I will stay in the game win or lose.


Yes, unfortunately the leaderboards mean very little. I literally have characters that have something like a 10 WLR and only one actual win. Resets and the like are abundant. Honestly how anyone got so lucky as to get that far and not get reset is beyond me, but it’s just a number. Doesn’t mean jack.