(LD) The abyys


So, here’s something I want to try out. I’ve written a story for y’all! I hope you guys like it. It’s not the best, am not really happy with it myself, but I’ve been having a bit of a writers block lately, so I figured this is the best I could do. That is also why I need your help! Please, feel free to leave ideas for another story, so I can write some more! I’d be happy to do requests.
So, without further ado, here’s the story:

As I looked upward, i could faintly see the shape of an arch before me. I knew full well that going in here was a bad idea. And yet, I still went in. I’m not sure what drove me. Was it a search for adventure? A rebellious act? Or was it just pure curiosity? I don’t know. The fact remained, I willingly stepped inside of that… building. Was it a temple? Perhaps. It was hard to see in the darkness. I reached in my backpack, and grabbed a lighter, which I used to light my torch. A circle of light instantly spread around me, and I could see that it was indeed a arch just before me. I stepped inside, feeling a cold breeze brush over my face. I’m glad I went through the trouble of taking a torch with me, as, apart from the light from my torch, there was nothing but a pure darkness surrounding me. I looked around, and spotted some stairs leading down. As I walked towards the stairs, I felt uneasy. As if I was being watched. I scanned the environment, but couldn’t see anything. I walked down the stairs, ending up in a large hallway with big arches supporting the ceiling. I slowly walked forward, carefully taking in my surroundings. The architecture all seems very old, and unlike any civilisation that I know of. I kept walking, hoping to see something other than a wall. The only thing I saw were more stairs. I kept descending further and further into the darkness of the structure, until finally, I hit a wall. Literally. I looked around, but there was no doubt about it; it was a dead end. But there were no other routes, i thought to myself. I sat down against the wall, thinking what to do next. I decided to go back out, since there was no use walking around any further. But as I walked towards the end of the hallway, I noticed that the stairs were no longer there. I looked around, slightly panicked, but the stairs were nowhere to be found. I kept looking, but to no avail. Defeated, I sat against the wall again, this time with a feeling of hopelessness. I didn’t know what to do anymore. My torch started to run out too, and soon, I’d be alone in the darkness.

As the light of the torch faded out, I heard a rumbling in front of me. Carefully, I stumbled my way forward, and noticed that the wall at the end of the hallway was gone, and by carefully stepping around, I noticed there were more stairs. I slowly descended even further, with a uneasy feeling again creeping up to me. I kept walking through hallways, down stairs, until finally, I ended up in a large room with some kind of object in the middle. I couldn’t see what it was, for my light had finally gone out, but I could feel it pulsating under my hands. I looked around, and sat down on the ground pondering over to do.
Then, I heard a growl. I looked up, and saw darkness coming towards me. Not the regular darkness that already surrounded me, but a pure, black void, slowly spreading across the room. And in the middle of the cloud, a pair of red eyes staring right into my soul. I ran towards the end of the room, but the darkness kept crawling forward, with the eyes keeping staring at me, as of a creature from the dark was lurking, waiting for the darkness to spread to me, so it could attack. I crawled up, closed my eyes, and waited for the inevitable. As the darkness engulfed me, I could feel the power slowly becoming less, I felt my life slowly draining, and I wondered one last time, why I decided to go inside of the bulding…