[LD] Raime and Velstadt backstory


So, here is my my backstory for my two custom hunters (more info here)
Mind you, it’s not the best I’ve written, so bear with me.
Also, language warning at the end, I got a bit graphic with my word choice :grin:

‘And here we have the living quarters. You’ll spend your free time here. There are some games, books, and music. Nothing of that live-performance nonsense you have back at earth, everything here is pre-recorded,’ the Sergeant said to Raime.
‘Do note, while I said you’ll be spending your free time here, I didn’t say that you’ll have a lot of free time. The training schedule is long and arduous, and don’t expect us to give you an easier time, just so you can catch up. Just because you’re 12 years old, doesn’t mean you’ll get special treatment. You deal with it and get along, or you’ll be expunged. Roger?’
‘Roger,’ Raime answered.
‘Good. I’ll show you your bed, and then I’m off, and you better get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and a good night’s rest is key.’
Raime followed the Sergeant through the living quarters, ending up in a small hallway, with a multitude of doors on each end. The Sergeant opened a door.
‘This is your room. You’ll be sharing it with Velstadt, also a new recruit of ours. He is quite a bit older than you, but I can assure you that that doesn’t impede him in any way. Right, any questions?’
‘No, not really. I think everything is clear.’
‘Good, I’ll be off then. Like I said, get all the rest you can get, since you’re going to need it.’
The Sergeant leaves the room, closing the door behind him.
Some times goes by, in which Raime settles down in his room, when suddenly, the door opens, and a man walks in.
‘Ah, you must be Raime. My name is Velstadt, nice to meet you.’
‘Nice to meet you too’
‘So, did you get established already? Or do I need to show you around?’
‘Nah, the Sergeant already gave me a small tour.’
‘Ah, alright.’
Raime is the first to break the awkward silence:
‘I think I’m going to go to bed, I was told we’re going to have a long day ahead of us.’
‘Yeah, you might be right. Good idea’
‘Goodnight Velstadt’
‘Goodnight Raime’

3 years pass, in which Raime, Velstadt and the other recruits are put through their paces. One by one, the recruits leave the training, not being able to keep up with the pace of the training. Raime and Velstadt however, keep on going. So good even, that they’re moved to a different facility, where they will undergo even rougher training. As a sort of gift, a token of appreciation, they get a day off, where they can do whatever they want. They decide to spent the day chatting, getting to better know each other.

‘So, Raime, what’s your story?’
‘Sorry, what? My story? What do you mean?’
‘I mean, the story of your life? Surely there must be a reason why you got picked up by CIG9 so young. There must be something special about you.’
‘Well, it’s a long story to be honest…’
‘We got the time.’
‘Okay, fine, I’ll tell you.
When I was little, and I mean, when I was only a couple years old, my parents opted me into some kind of trans-humanistic program. They were looking into advancing the human race through use of highly advanced technology. I was subjected to a couple of experiments, which left me with, well… see for yourself:’
With a small click of his fingers, Raime summons a small flame at the tip of his fingers
‘Woah!’ Velstadt exclaims
‘Yeah, I was granted the power of embers. I can summon fire at will. I can also enhance other things with it as well. For example, I buffed a gun to give it flaming bullets.
This was however, not deemed good enough for the program to be a success. The program was shut down, and my parents disowned me. Why, I still don’t know. My guess is that they weren’t satisfied with my powers.
Anyway, the next couple of years I spent around the now abandoned facility, living of the local wildlife. My powers allowed me to kill some of the slow herbivores, so I never ran out of food. I was alone with my thoughts, and I slowly grew to better control my powers.
Eventually, a scavenger ship came by. While the crew was out searching for salvage, I snuck in and flew away with their ship. I ended up in some sort of spaceport, where I spent the next couple of years doing odd jobs here and there. One day, I couldn’t find any jobs any more, so I resorted to stealing the things I needed to survive. I never got caught, save for one time; an agent of CIG9 saw me steal some food, and followed me to my hideout. Here, he gave me two options: stay here and live a life of stealing and deception, or come with him to be trained as a CIG9 agent. Naturally, I chose the second option.
And that’s how I ended up here. What about you?’
‘Well, my story is far from as exciting as yours. I grew up in a wealthy family. According to my parents, we were descendants from the old british royal family, and-
‘Wait, hold up, you’re saying that you’re a royal?’
‘Yes I am’
‘Dude, sweet!’
‘I guess you could say that. But the life my parents led wasn’t made for me. They stayed nice and safe, quite the opposite of what I wanted; I wanted action, and I went looking for it. In the end, I ended up at the recruitment office of CIG9, which is how I ended up here. Like I said, my life has been rather dull.’
‘Not dull, just different’
‘Nope, sorry. It was pretty dull. Nowhere near as exciting as your life’
‘Wait up for a second, my life was not ‘exciting’. It was pure hell at times. Velstadt, you should be grateful you didn’t live my life. Trust me’
‘Okay, okay, sheesh, calm down, didn’t mean to offend you.’
‘It’s alright, I just… I am very sensitive in that part.’
‘It’s alright, didn’t think much of it. I am sorry.’
A short silence follows, which is broken by Raime:
‘Well, I think I’m going to go to bed now. It is pretty late, and tomorrow is going to be a hard day.’
‘From now on, all the days are going to be tough,’ Velstadt said.
‘Yeah, you’re right. Anyways, goodnight Velstadt’
‘Goodnight Raime’

They continued with their training, and soon, they became nigh unstoppable. The pair of them worked together, and managed to beat the entire training routine, being the first persons ever to do so. This earned them high ranking spots in the CIG9 rank order. All the missions they did, they did together, and over the years, the duo became widely known inside and outside CIG9 as a duo to be feared, for together, they could take on any task.
For now however, they are having a rest, since they just returned from a long and tough mission. Velstadt is relaxing in his living quarters, while Raime is faffing about with the database, reading and learning stuff. He reads about pretty normal stuff, until he stumbles upon a folder named ‘Project Avatar’. Curious, he opens the file, and finds a whole lot of pictures, files and (video) logs.
Some of the photos, he notices, have him on it, from when he was still young.
He goes on, and opens a log. The log reads:
“Day 42, the subject still hasn’t seen any improvements, apart from the initial gain. Subject still only has the power of embers, and nothing else. At this rate, we will never succeed. Success ratio has dropped to 36% and is still dropping as we speak. If we don’t get any successes soon, the project will have to be terminated.
Signing off, this is Velstadt.”
Raime’s heart starts racing, as he reads the last line again. And again. And again.
‘No, it can’t be,’ he thinks. ‘Was he really behind all of this? Was he the reason for my suffering?
Slowly, deep within Raime, a hatred starts to boil. A hatred towards Velstadt.
‘How could he do that? Why didn’t he tell me?’ These thoughts race through his head, as he stands up and makes his way towards Velstadt’s quarters.
‘Velstadt, is there something you need to tell me?’
‘Eh, no? Not that I know of at least,’ Velstadt answers.
‘Really? Nothing at all? And what if I were to mention a certain project named ‘Avatar’?’
Velstadt’s eyes widen, as he stands up.
‘I- I-’
‘Why didn’t you tell me Velstadt?’
‘I- I couldn’t. Not without losing your trust.’
‘Oh, so it was all about gaining my trust eh? Not us becoming friends!?’ Raime exclaims. ‘All you cared about was gaining my trust, ‘cause fuck becoming my friend right!?’
‘Raime, I didn’t me-’
‘No! Shut up! Shut your traitor mouth! You- You betrayed me! I told you all about my life, how difficult it was, and now it turns out YOU were the cause of this? Fuck you!’
‘Raime, I-’
‘Shut it, you dipshit!’
‘But Raime-’
‘Shut it!’
‘Shut. The. Fuck. Up.’
‘Now listen!’ Velstadt yells, ‘I will not be told by you what to do! I’m not listening to you! You were always the weaker one, always in my shadow, and yet, you always were the hero of the day! You never ever did the hard work, but still always went on and took all the fame! You are weak, and pathetic, and fuck knows what more! I didn’t told you because I was afraid. Afraid of how you would react. And it is exactly as I feared for. Your anger blinds you, Raime, and I’m giving you a choice: leave it be, accept it, or else…’
‘Or else what? Else what, huh?’
‘Let’s not make it to that point. You’re better off just accepting it, moving on and-’
With a loud scream Raime grabs Velstadt by the throat, and throws him down on the floor. Velstadt quickly reacts by kicking Raime in his stomach. Raime falls off of Velstadt, and Velstadt quickly stands up, and kicks Raime across the room. Raime grunts, and gets up as well.
‘Very well then,’ he says, ‘if it must be so… so be it’

The fight that followed was a brute one indeed, with heavy punches being delivered on both sides. The fight was pretty even for a while, but eventually, Velstadt got the upper hand, and he managed to beat Raime. He then expunged Raime from the CIG9 ranks, and put a bounty on his head.
Defeated, Raime fled the CIG9 complex, and ran away to the far arm of the galaxy. Being defeated and betrayed by his former best friend, Raime went into hiding; he didn’t have much of a choice, since he would have bounty hunters coming after him. And so he lived a life in secrecy, until he heard about the hunters on Shear…
Velstadt on the other hand, continued his duties at CIG9, although this time, he would work alone. He refused to take another partner, and kept going at his missions solo. However, eventually, he heard about the struggle Shear was going through, and decided to help out…

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