Lazy Textures?


So when I first played as Behemoth, I thought it was awesome, so I went in an offline custom mode where I like to dominate bots. When I played, I noticed that when Behemoth eats, his neck extends downwards to nom on some Mammothbird. And the animation is just his neck texture stretching, and it looks rather strange, and now I can’t NOT notice it. Just thought that maybe it could be a bit better? And, if possible, change Behemoths eating animation from stretching his neck, to bending down to eat it, or even him picking up the bits of food to put in his mouth (similarly to the Kraken). This would also show off how big he really feels. I mean, do you see a gorilla bending down to eat his meal? No! He picks that damn banana up!

Anyone else notice this? And if so, do you agree?


I don’t play Behemoth, so I haven’t noticed nor cared. But that’s my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should. He’s real fun (in my opinion) to play as!


I prefer the Wraith, thanks.


Ah, I see. You prefer to play as the runt of the litter, eh? Well I prefer to play as the BADDASS of the litter.

(Haha, just kiddin’… please don’t murder me)


Wraith is much more fun to play. And I have no intentions of getting annoyed by Rock Wall not working. ^.^


Its cuz hes so fat and unflexy, his neck is like a turtles, it sort of just elongates and then he noms on it like a rabid hyena, just sorta, tears into it…all slobbery…and ravenous…hes a scary dude…


i dont play behemoth alot but when i do i notice it every meal…


You’re so interesting, and I don’t know why…


His neck does that for the tongue grab animation as well. And Lava bomb. He is kind of turtle like. Its not lazy cause the only other thing they could do is make him lean down more which would look lazier

Also this isn’t a texture, its an animation


Disturbing, isn’t it?