Lazuris can revive wildlife?


Ok I was looking through my clips in my xbox on the big alpha that happened on the 28 of October or something. And I remembered I thought that if your friends die and get eaten by a Tyrant that you can go up to it and revive your teammate… Nope, wrong I revived the tyrant and I died. Thanks a lot wildlife😂 but seriously, is this like a thing to use as a strategy to make sure the monster doesn’t eat what you kill, or is it a bug or a troll? Don’t know what do you guys think?


I’m pretty sure it’s deliberate, but i’m not sure of the use of it apart from maybe to deny the monster some free kills


By any chance were you trying to revive a Markov on the fusion plant? If so, that was totally me.


I also think the idea of rezzing food to deny the monster free eats sounds good on paper, but in reality I don’t think it adds much. I think it would be better to have the food decay at that point maybe?


It happens in…some big alpha devs’ footage.

I’m not sure it’s deliberate, but at least you can take an elite perk multiple times if you revive and kill it once more.


You can definitely revive wildlife, working as intended. Interestingly you can shield it as well…


You can deny certain perks to the monster and bring back a large monster so no free lunch. i.e kill the tyrant with health regen perk, take perk, revive tyrant without perk, and the monster now just sees it as food. On top of that the monster may or may not have known the tyrant with health regen had already respawned and may go looking for it later in the game and end up just fighting a tyrant (ambush?) :wink:


Pretty sure an elite perk is permanently removed from wildlife after it’s picked up. So hunters can say, kill a tyrant, take the perk and have Laz revive the creature where it will remain as an environmental hazard for both teams but without a perk reward.

In your face, monster!


No, at least during the big alpha no.

If you revive an elite wildlife, it will still be an elite wildlife.

That’s why I said you can take mutliple times an elite perk as hunters.


Hahaha omg yes and I got eaten😂


That sounds awesome. AMBUSH!!!:joy:


Yep that was totally you and me then! hahahahaha!

That was a close round. I remember panicking because we had the monster low and the tyrant was an elite, so I was a fool and stayed behind to take it on. I remember trying to say something on voice chat, but I think my mic broke, so I ended up separated and quite dead. I was feeling good that I at least took the elite with me so the monster wouldn’t heal.

I couldn’t stop laughing - that was terrifying and amazing all at once. I liked how the rest of the team came back and just stopped to watch.


Hahaha I’m crying of laughter just talking about it, I felt like a noob when that happened what’s ur gamer tag so I can add you?


It is takran on steam. I look forward to hunting with you again next testing period or at release. That was my favorite story from the Alpha, and you were definitely a fun teammate.


Same but did you play on the xbox? I have steam but my computer is broken and same lets go hunting!:smiley: and do u own a xbox one?


The devs mentioned you can revive ones that have a perk, then the monster would at least have to kill it for the perk.


No. I switched from console to PC on the last generation. Were you on steam for the alpha? Or it it possible we had incredible parallel experiences?


Haha I have no idea I was on the xbox. Maybe there was a joined connection like farcry 4 does where xbox connected to pc. I’m getting a pc so we can wreck the monster.


What a strange coincidence! I don’t think it was cross platform. Still, if you ever play on PC or if I ever get an Xbox, I will be happy to hunt with you any day.


Same here bro. Can’t wait for the game and can’t wait to go hunting with you. Ok I’ll make sure to add you on steam and we can do whatever till the game comes out.