Lazbot won't rez someone in water


So the other day we had a Lazarus bot on the team. I went down in some acid bath and he came over to revive me, but instead just stood over my body until I died, then ran off to join the rest of the team.


Not a bug, definitely intentional. No Laz device in the water :cry:


So it’s intentional that he stands over my dying body while taking damage from the acid bath? I don’t think so.


Yep, you can’t use items in water or acid, so if he stood over you doing nothing its because he didn’t know this.


So fighting a Laz team in a water/acid based environment could be a strategy to use in the future. Especially one with a tyrant.


I guess you missed the part where I said this particular laz was a BOT. Therefore he needs the programming to know his rezzer won’t work in water. Which is why I posted this in the bug section.

A good laz player knows to hover over the water to rez. Bots are dumb.


Yeah, I did miss that part. Sorry :smiley_cat:


You need to be hovering in order to get the device to be used. Bots aren’t that smart.


I get that this is stupid and needs fixing, but why not just take over the bot and do it yourself?


you can jetpack hover over someone and rez doesn’t work well in combat but if you manage to chase off the monster you can get a revive.