Lazarus :(

Idk if this is just me, but I feel that Lazarus is a tad OP. As the monster one of the main goals is to get as many strikes on the hunters as possible right? It’s hard to make progress when even after actually killing a hunter, he can go up to their corpse and get it up. Why not still give them a strike? That is still good enough to literally be brought back from the dead, they at least deserve a strke. Also in addition is his cloak, like, did the devs just say, “okay, were going to make a medic that can go invisible, get other hunters up even when they’re completely dead, AND they won’t get a strikes when they’re revived.”… Screw that lol. just an opinion though

You’re missing the fact that Lazarus has effectively no sustain other. If you want someone dead, they will be dead.

I don’t really think he’s OP, just frustrating. A Laz + Sunny/Hank + Jack/Maggie + Torvald/Lennox makes it tough to kill Lazarus without taking too much damage.

My personal advice, just flee till three and then go all out on Lazarus.

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It’s really just about how you deal with a Lazarus that makes him NOT OP. Like not bring able to keep anyone alive, like @MidnightRoses said.

You have to play differently because he’s the medic. The best way to do this is to spread out heavy damage and then go for incaps on multiple hunters nearly at the same time. You will be in an even more dramatically advantageous spot if these hunters go down either near each other, or in water (Lazerrections are almost impossible in water).

Also you should consider taking an ability that helps you detect cloaked hunters (every monster thus far has one… except Wraith, I guess). If you get an incap, and track down and start beating the crap out of Lazarus, then his teammates might panic and pick up the hunter themselves (granting a strike), and best case scenario, you also down Laz (another strike!). You need to be careful in measuring out the health damage coming in vs. the guaranteed strikes you think you can get.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to blow up the trapper and escape the dome. Sure they won’t have a strike, but you won’t lose a ton of health trying to get it. Resource management - your health is also a resource.

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That doesn’t sound like what I think you were going for, but anyway…

Elaborating on this point: unless the downed teammate is in really shallow water, like on the shore, an incapped teammate in water can be revived by Lazarus using his jetpack to hover while rezzing. However, once dead, the corpse sinks out of reach of his glove.


and a jet pack using lazarus is a visible lazarus and they’ve used up some of their jet pack so when you knock them into the water they’ll have that much harder of a time getting back to shore and escaping from you.

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Im fine with Laz atm. He can only run for so long…

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Yup, i feel he is OP too. Mostly because most monsters are too susceptible to kiting, and Laz is literally the only medic whose healing is not hindered by kiting. Making him the best at exploiting most monster’s weakness.

I think maybe if Lazarus didn’t have the cloak and instead had something similar to Caira’s acceleration field to quickly revive would be a tad fairer but at present yeah he’s annoying to face.

I pretty much only pick Lazarus if I go medic because the others fail in comparison

OP? Nah. Not in my opinion anyways. He’s just ridiculously frustrating and he turns the game into a “get Laz or get out” kind of flow. And he’s all I seem to be playing against in Ranked lately. So there’s that. Getting pretty sick of seeing his stupid bald Serbian head all the time.


Honestly only issue I have with him is a permanently invisible lazerus.

Although I do love downing a hunter next to large dead wildlife. I had a funny game where their lazerus revived a crowbill sloth instead of their hank. Which immediately charged him and helped me win the match.

In pubs it’s actually easiest medic to play against if you know what you’re doing and change your strategy for Laz comp. Only very few high level pre-mades are making this comp work well.

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That’s what makes Arena mode so Hunter-favored, not Lazarus.

Worth noting that a lot of teams in ranked dome Lazarus outside so you can kill him. My advice from bitter experience is that if you get someone down and have no armour, unless it’s someone vital like Hank, you want to run, and avoid that permanent health damage.

I normally try run and mitigate till stage 2 full armour, then wait for Laz to make a mistake, like get attacked by wildlife, use up all his jetpack getting up on a ledge while away from support, or just get separated from everyone else. Then I attack, and Hanks shield can only last so long. Also, the trapper can’t dome Laz out.

I agree on that. Permacloak is very prominent right now. And with the next patch, which is buffing Reload to 30%, his cloaks come back even faster. Which means more cloaking. ;-; I wouldn’t call it too powerful though, just frustrating as all hell.

I dislike it most with a markov and bucket in a relay. Since most times he is camped in the middle of their mines and turrets and once he gets a rez he runs back to his fortress while you try to lure him back out.

Thanks everyone for the tips, I see what you guys are saying, and I’ll do my best to implement them in game.

1 effective technique is to attack Laz and force him to use cloak. Immediately switch focus to support, as they are easier than assault to down, and can help out their teammates.

If the support is Sunny or Hank, you may very well want to completely down them, before returning your attention to Laz, who will be cloakless, supportless, and in a lot of trouble.

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