Lazarus wildlife vs players


i used my lazarus device on a downed hank but instead of it reviving hank… it revived the dead crowbill sloth right next to hank. the sloth was not even on top of him from what i could see. it revived then downed me and the game was lost. i think the device should prioritize players instead of the dead giant beasty next to them.


Agreed. Happened to me too.


yep, been there. thankfully ours was only a little fella haha


Scariest part of being a Laz main :laughing:


That is why you always cloak when reviving wildlife or near dead wildlife.


Always good to hear the Dev’s are suffering as much as the players. Gives us hope of the upcoming patch :smiley:


Hahaha that’s awesome didn’t realise it would work like that :joy:


The thing that’s going to be revived will be outlined in white, so keep an eye out for that the next time wildlife is on top of a body. It’s a little tricky in combat but out of combat it isn’t much of a problem.


This explains why none of the assaults like the idea of laz to res them back to life again


Sometimes I AIM for the Sloth. But not really.


Happened to me too. On distillery with a sloth and hank! :smile:


I can’t remember who was involved but something like this happend to me once.

We killed a sloth, it got back up, we killed it again, it got back up, then we just left it.


Heh, you think so, but when the body slides down to when your lazarus device is almost done respawning the hunter… lets say thats not what happens.


A faint outline around the intended target would be helpful, too. That would be nice for the medgun and shield projector as well. Those two don’t need it as badly since they can just disengage and reengage almost instantly, but even just one or two misses can mean a person goes down instead of staying up.


love the game and thanks for taking time out of your day to post!

  • Make outline stronger
  • give priority to playerrez instead of monster rez


What’s the point of reviving wildlife anyway ?


The few times I’ve played as Laz I’ve revived an albino Sloth or Nomad or Tyrant after we got the buff, so that the monster has to at least spend the time fighting it and can’t just clean up after us. I imagine that’s the primary motivation.

Also it’s just fun, until you do it without thinking on a blitzleopard that immediately starts eating you.