Lazarus why for you no use healing burst!?


OK, I get not using the healing burst while you are in combat, but outside of combat you should be cranking those heals out.

Too many times have I played with a Laz that doesn’t heal after a battle. Then the whole team is like barely hanging on with half health while we continue to track the monster. When we engage again everyone is dead in less than a minute and Laz has 3 people to pick up. 85% of the time the match is lost.

This annoys me so bad that some times i will “positively troll” people by selecting Laz and do everything they should of been doing in hopes that they will learn from their mistakes.

Does anyone else suffer from this? End rant.


Yup, dealt with this before. Plus, even when Laz can use his healing burst, it really doesn’t heal all that much. He really is just not a great medic, and requires such a flawless performance that he almost never works. His healing burst needs to heal more, enough that he should be capable of flying in, quickly bursting everyone between fights, and then dropping to the back.


laz shud be HBing all the time. 100% yes in combat to save others. a shellfish laz is an instalose laz :slight_smile:


Laz players aren’t the best usually. 'Til you meet that decent Laz player in pugs, you want to add to friends list. ^.-


In combat Medics generally need to focus on keeping themselves alive.

Lazarus needs to really double down on this due to his ability to negate a knockdown, how much of a target he is for the Monster, and because his Healing Burst is a really weak reward for the risk of exposing himself.


not really. you have support as well as your own cloak to help you live. but the longer it takes to down someone to start the “body camp” game. the better your team will perform. if you just sit in the back and hide until someone goes down u will lose 90% of the time.


It should only be done when it doesn’t put you at much risk - losing half your health as Laz to get a Heal Burst off is a win for the Monster.

Laz is generally gimmicky and terrible against good Monsters, but he loses especially hard if he exposes himself needlessly.


what thats a win for the hunters? losing half your hp to heal burst the trapper from going down dropping the dome yet again. (THE NUMBER ONE REASON laz is not picked competitively ATM)

and if laz survives that encounter by sneaking away. his HB will be back up to heal himself and possibly another again. thats what HB is for. to heal the group. you should be actively trying to manage HB to heal more than 1 person if you can.

obviously burn it if your getting pummeled. but if you can dodge to a teammate who is also half hp and HB then cloak to live. you just regained full advantage over the monster in a dome.


It depends on the context of the fight.

At Stage 1, heck yes go heal the Trapper - not much risk for you.

Stage 2, generally do it, but not if it would put you at huge risk. You may have to pop cloak.

Stage 3, don’t bother unless there is next to no risk.

One of Laz’s big problems is that he struggles to heal himself up from serious injuries without the perk - the Healing Burst is uselessly slow when you need 80% of your health back even if you are safe for a long time.

Healing Burst is honestly a weak ability.


Having a good support is essential to winning a match with Laz.

If you can communicate with a good support, you can have 2 cloaks to help conceal you in battle. It makes it a lot easier to pick up teammates and give a little bit of heals, but I still requires great caution.

I’ve seen it work on the Laz and Support end.


Healing burst needs a buff! it’s too weak to provide any viable cover for Laz. I’d rather see him have a far more potent burst with a longer cooldown than the weak boost available now. At least that way he has slightly more defense should he become exposed.


Personally I’d prefer it to provide a health regeneration over time effect that would break with damage - similar to Slim’s bug.

That way Laz could reasonably heal himself up after a rough escape, and heal teammates up when the Monster wasn’t focusing on them.

With that, it could have a longer cooldown.


Even with the healing burst, Lazarus can’t keep the team up during a fight. He needs to stay out of sight until a teammate drops or dies. Some work is needed on Lazarus in order so he could be more effective.


Laz is good fun in a organized team against a sub-par/casual monster. Just never pick him in to a team that needs strong healing and guidance and NEVER pick Laz against a powerfull monster player. Its absolutely a wasted effort if you do.


You mean the thing that gives away his location like a beacon but has negligible healing? Hmmm…


Laz is probably my least favourite medic, just cos he has no team utility, but I’ve started picking him a bit more recently just to round out my second favourite class. I think he IS viable, but he just takes a lot more effort to use and needs more specific criteria to be ‘playable’.

  • Generally you should make sure your team is ok with you picking Laz. If your team has no idea how to play with him, you will NOT succeed.
  • In Evac mode, he get’s stronger the more autobalance the monster has. The higher the auto balance, the easier it is for the monster to damage through the OTHER medics’ healing. This means that the other medics get relatively weaker, whilst Laz’s strength stays mostly the same. If you’ve already won 2-3 times in a row, it might be easier on you to take Laz.
  • He’s actually strongest with a Bucket support, who can provide excellent zoning with his turrets, punishing body-camping monsters, and also punishing the monster for hunting down a stealthed Laz, all without giving away his exact position. Plus he can also do that whilst he himself is downed, providing he already threw out his turrets. Sunny is arguably the weakest, as her 2 forms of peel both give away his position with easy to see beams.
  • He needs PATIENCE + a cool head. Know when to shoot and when to not. Know when to cloak and when to save it. Know when you can revive people and when to leave them to die. Know when you can jump in to healing burst or when to save it. Your own safety takes priority, but you still need to be relevant.
  • You also need to know that even though Laz CAN prevent strikes, sometimes reviving someone WITH a strike is worth it, if your revivifier is on cooldown or there’s more than 1 person downed. Likewise, know when to use healing burst to give it full effect, without giving away your position.


I’ve complained about this regarding other medics. Even though I’m a monster player, I hate this happen when I’m playing hunter. I can’t understand how nobody says anything or wait up for the medic, signal him or something. I don’t see it as a Lazarus thing, despite the mode of healing players should learn to stick close to the medic if they’re not 100% healthy.


Yeah, well… People should stop boosting away from the Laz every time they have jet fuel to use.


More like… Val why you no heal, but CoD snipe all game?


“positively troll”? Sounds like you bullied someone out of choosing the character they want to play. I played with someone the other day who bullied … sorry, “positively trolled” someone who picked Laz until he changed to Caira. I tried to support the guy who picked Laz but it didn’t make a difference. In case no one noticed, this is a GAME. Let people play who they want. If you want to be more competitive find a team to play with on that level. It makes me sick the amount of bullying I see in the Evolve community. Oh and while I’m on a rant, stop saying “that’s gay” and “that’s retarded” when things don’t go your way during a match. Those phrases are offensive and need to be wiped out.