Lazarus weakest medic?



From my knowledge,in legacy evolve(og evolve) lazarus could revive people (down and dead) without the person suffering a strike,but now if you die and he resurrects you,you will still get the strike making it pointless to revive them,and I wanted to know if turtle rock has any plans to give lazarus something to make him competitive as the only viable strat is to hide back,making the only healing he has useless as he is only strong by hiding outside the dome then cloaking in and reviving everyone,and even then he is so easily countered.

What is the point of Lazarus anymore? Suggestions for Retro Hunt

We already have a thread for this, please use the one linked above. :smile:


Laz was nerfed because he was toxic. The monster would need to body camp until the body was despawned, meaning a lot of health could be lost.

I think Laz is fine where he’s at. Any more buffs would make him OP or more toxic.


Laz is somewhat the weakest medic now. Sure buff could make him toxic, but he is indeed lacking something, maybe he really needs to be reworked to a somewhat…different character.

I would for example have an idea about resurrecting dead players from increased range for like 15-20 seconds !with already counting dropship time! then they die again. However they are in those 15-20 seconds invulnerable and do double damage or something like that. Laz just needs a rework.


Imo, Laz has always been a broken character by design.

Laz heals by letting a team member die, then he swoops in and resurrects the Hunter. If a monster needs to get strikes on hunters for him to win, then Laz is in the way of monster doing that, thus he has a cloak.

There’s no way to give Laz a buff where he can heal enough so a player can’t go down, yet still revive him, without completely reworking him.

TRS has set in not reworking any of the hunters, so that is unlikely.

Bucket was a case of an UP character who’s ability was being replaced.


I want nothing more than to see Laz become trash tier. lol

Hate that guy! Evil Laugh


He’s OK, not the best at the moment .


Laz+Bucket is the strongest counter(maybe barring RV+Bucket) to Wraith atm. The only problem is Laz can’t handle Gorgs, which is also a popular pick.

Lazarus+Cabot and Lazarus+Kala are also good comps. When a Laz team loses it’s usually because Laz over committed to a revive.

Remember: Laz forces body camping. Punish.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that. They could up his incapp heal so he can keep players in the incapacitated state for a longer period of time. They could also reduce the amount of health decay while incapacitated.

Lawl no.


Then what is? I’ll say Hank+Val is pretty good too.

And of course there are other great comps, but for Wraith specifically.


Well, I’m not saying I have the perfect idea of what is good against wraith, just that you happened to pick one of weakest medic support comps currently available in the game. Lazaurus can’t survive for long atm and bucket doesn’t really help that.


We are talking Stage 2 right?


Bucket helps Laz quite a bit. MR allows a 1000 health spike for Laz, not to mention the 800 odd shields from Bucket. These two work great together.

Agree to disagree I guess.


The new patch? Yah. He doesn’t have much at all to keep lazaurus alive. Every 60 or so seconds he adds one extra heal burst and one extra shield burst. Hank, and sunny are definitely better at pure defense.


But Laz already gets put on high damage teams. Increasing incap Healburst amount could cause too much punishment for the monster. This then puts Laz back in the OP spot because the monster needs to extend body camping, if monster decides to give up then the Hunter doesn’t recieve a strike.

How I look at it now is that the monster either needs to bait Laz, or ensure a strike on the downed Hunter.

So once again, he cannot be buffed without pushing him to OP territory, all the while no major rework.


He seems pretty underpowered ATM, I don’t think he can be played as things currently are, so he definitely needs a buff of some kind.


You do realize that hank can give about 900 shielding with his shield gun every time it recharges? Like, I’m not sure if buckets viable ATM, but in terms of how much defenses he grants, he is definitely far behind sunny and hank.


Then he needs a major QoL change then, because as it stands now he is only good for punishment team comps.


Not even that, he doesn’t really enable his team to punish anymore since he can’t even remove strikes from them when they die. He is in a pretty terrible state. People survive about 10-16 seconds in the downed state with a monster beating on them, that’s not nearly enough time for any decent punish.


But Hank can’t do damage while shielding. I’d say that’s Buckets strongest point.

So bucket gets the damage + MR. Hank just has shields, unless he drops an orbital first.


I really, really miss the old Laz.

I know that isn’t a constructive argument or solution to the problem, but I just figured I’d put it out there.

Also I’m not sure how people can still bring up the argument of Laz not being UP because you simply “shouldn’t overcommit and instead punish the Monster”.
Have you played the new Laz? Incapped Hunters die in the blink of an eye despite the supposed buffs to incapped players. There is no room for patience. Laz players are forced by the core game to now do something stupid and run in for a revive.

And yes, you do need to pull off those strikeless revives somehow for Laz to be worth it. Reviving people from the dead isn’t worth it anymore. The dropship timer is generally shorter now and all those strikes quickly add up, making it impossible for the Hunter team to survive with all those strikes and a Medic with trash healing output.

I know I’ve been scolded before by making assumptions about Laz being trash before Stage 2 was even launched, but I’ll say it again.
Laz is absolutely a worse version of EMET in every possible way right now.
Reviving without the strike penalty is his only advantage and from my experience you either never get the chance or die trying to rush in for such a revive.
Incapped Hunters, despite the supposed buffs this patch, die far too easily in a Laz comp. And their slightly buffed pistol damage isn’t exactly making up for that either.

Lazarus really needs his patience game back somehow. It sucks that I can’t come up with a good way to implement this without making him toxic, but for fuck’s sake the current Laz is just so far from being what Laz is supposed to be about and also so much worse than every other Medic… he does need serious reworks/buffs.