Lazarus was the worst idea for a hunter


First let me say that I do not care if this is been spoken about already I simply wish to speak my piece.

It is my opinion that Lazarus is the most overpowered hunter, at least medic, in the game. I do not understand why they thought it was a good idea to include a hunter that can not only go invisible but can also revive hunters from the dead.

As primarily a monster player, I understand that the medic should be targeted first. But when I’m playing against Lazarus I find that I cannot do anything of value as far as damage to the hunters go until I kill Lazarus. In most cases I find that once I do kill Lazarus the remaining hunters usually spread out because they know that they can win moderately easy if Lazarus respawns.

I shouldn’t have to babysit a dead body while fighting of the other hunters in fear that Lazarus will revive him. I find it absurd and I hope that is something is done in the form of an update to the overwhelming power of Lazarus


I am sorry, but I would like to tell you that Laz is one of the easier medics to deal with…

So you are doing something wrong. Maybe use the dropship timer as indicator so you know the body you downed has decayed. Decay time has been reduced to 30 sec btw.


That’s your problem right there. /thread


If you down laz, when he comes back he’ll be easier to down again.

Also having a medic that is isn’t as good at keeping someone alive means you should be able to down the trapper and escape a dome to evolve much easier.

I think laz is a freaking awesome idea. He’s so unique as a medic and is part of what makes evolve great. Don’t ever change laz.


Look, Laz is my mortal enemy. Really, he is. But the “reviving” thing only means you have to keep an eye out. I disagree with the negation of strikes, but that just means you have to incap him first.


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong then, 'cause I have never thought this about Laz. :grin:


Well I’m going to say Slim was the worst idea for a Hunter. All opinion.



Sounds like someone needs to learn how to counter the only medic that cant keep hunters alive either.

To respond to your post…
#No, no Laz is not OP.


bodies decay in 15 seconds now… it said it in the patch notes

I think these laz nerfs need to stop, they need to bring the decay back to 30 and leave it there


Strong mechanic, yes. But there’s counters, often which cost hunters the match.


Honestly, I had no idea there even was a decay on the bodies that you down thanks! . I should clarify that the only monster I’m having trouble against him is Gorgon. If I play as any other monster I can annihilate any other team.

Perhaps this is just a matter of me getting used to gorgon.


Issue with that is it forces Monsters to body camp for too long. Think about it - The Monster kills support, then basically has to stand in one place for half the dome in order to let the body decay. Good teams with Laz are going to make sure you get little opportunity to eat the body.


its the same thing when trying to down the support when there is any other medic but laz lol. they get one strike and you still have to camp to just kill the body through the heals. im pretty sure that’s better than 15 sec decay and body being in dropship for 2 min.


Killing isn’t as big a problem when the Hunter comes back with strikes though. It takes a lot more effort to straight up kill a hunter than to just get a strike on them. Laz pretty much blows strikes out of the water - you either kill and eat a hunter, or you kill Laz, and the teams will protect their Medical if they’re smart. Either way, it takes a lot of effort to get strikes when Laz is around.


All this again boils down to OP being bad against Laz, change your strategy and stop complaining


Not to make you sound like a loser, but laz is the easiest medic to take down. And in regards to Slim, he’s not that bad…ish


ok. involving Gorgon. the acid spray DOES NOT PREVENT REVIVING.

it acts like flame breath and has no knockback.

the spider trap is your best friend against laz. and i mean best friend. its soo funny spitting on on the body and laz not paying attention. xD


But does it see through cloaks?


the acid spray does see through cloaks. theres a green cloud around the hunter while they’re being dealt damage. just like how flamebreath does fire.


But can spider trap find invisible laz?