Lazarus Turnaround


i really need a turnaround of Lazarus 1 of his face and his body can any1 help me plz ?

i wanna try to make him in WWE 2k16 xD


Might be something in here you can find :smile:


Here you go.



i know this topic but didnt hv find one of this why i ask her ^^


awww the pixels are not so good if i zoom u cant see nothing on his face

but thanks^^ and damn he looks creepy O.O


the face image must be like this


Unfortunately such an image for Laz doesn’t exist.

These are probably the closest you can get:

I also tried to enlarge his turnaround and try to kind of clear up his face a bit so you can see his features better, but I doubt it will be of much help. :stuck_out_tongue:


I took the above package from the Evolve website fan kit thing.


If you make him or any Hunter’s in WWE 2k16, please post them!!! XD


sure ^^ but not all hunters will work i already hv try lennox and jack but they hv looks nothing like them xD but lazarus would work


this is just creepy…