Lazarus Trolling


So we all know about how annoying shitty a shitty las is. What you don’t know is that he has more power than you would think. We were in a hunt match full team communication not amazing team but ok so we get in monster fight might’ve been wraith he escapes but a nomad gets a double kill we take it out lax goes in for revive monster is miles away goes for 2nd revive and revives the nomad
Yep he did
Haven’t tested this out on anything else but we were on rescue killed an elite nomad and he goes hey guys it’s a zombie! Brings it back to life lmao go las


Too bad Laz is a horrible character.

Think about it, in order for him to use his skills, the team needs to start wiping.

Sorry but a good healer should prevent that from happening in the first place.


Lazarus is a "Lazarus man " not a mere medic. I think he even states that in a banter before drop :smiley:


Because there’s no such thing as variety in abilities or the the way one uses them, it’s either the way I think is best or it’s wrong. If a medic isn’t a healbot, then he’s a horrible medic because it’s not possible for someone to be a good medic without being a healbot. nuh nuh nuh.


You can most certainly revive anything and everything and it’s meant to be in the game. They are working on the problem of reviving animals of humans by mistake though. They will prioritize player revives to prevent that.


A medic is there to heal, that is kind of what their name means. Laz is only useful if you die which means he is not meant to keep you alive which is stupid for a medic.

Its like giving an assault character a squirt gun and saying that all assaults shouldn’t be doing damage because it adds variety.



I’m seriously not sure if you’re screwing with me or not. The Medic’s job is to keep the rest of the team alive. Lazarus accomplishes this by near-instantly reviving you from downed states and negating strikes. It’s not stupid, it’s different. The results speak for themselves. Lazarus hasn’t failed you by letting you get downed, the same way you wouldn’t say a (currently non-existant) long-range centric Assault has failed by letting the monster get far away from him, because that’s a bad thing for the other assaults.

And if your’e going to argue semantics with me because " A medic HAS to heal ", then you can kindly stop right there. The armor-piercing sniper rifle doesn’t actually pierce armor, etc. That’s not an argument, that’s nitpicking. The role of a Lazarus makes the team not die, and that’s exactly what he does, and effectively at that. You might not like the playstyle, but saying that he’s bad is just dumb.


It’s not the medics job to keep you alive. It’s your job to stay alive.


Every second a teammate is down is valuable DPS you are losing which give the advantage to the monster. Maybe Abe is down for 10 seconds and can not slow the monster and that lets the monster focus on someone else which puts another team member down.

Now Laz has to wait for his cooldown because he already rezzed Abe and every time Laz tries to get to the next guy down he can’t because the monster now focuses on him.



Doesn’t it say in the little talks they have before dropping Laz could revive a monster. I’ve never tried. But I have revived some wildlife


I sometimes ask Laz’s to revive a downed albino to avoid giving a free buff to the monster. Not exacly a game changing play but every little helps (be careful about reviving tyrants and megamouths, they are not renowned for showing gratitude)

Yes, and without Laz, every TIME a teammate is down he will come back weaker, or even worse be away for TWO minutes, so in the end, you may lose a few seconds of dps/utility in early stages fight because Laz cannot heal like Caira, but you stand a greater chance to not take strikes and be healthier for the final confrontation. Not something to be taken lightly.

For the record, I actually find Laz a little underwhelming compared to traditional “healing” medics, but he is not to be underestimated either.


Honest question : Can you revive carnivorous plants? Don’t see why you would do this but have never tested to see if it would work.


What you are describing is fighting the monster at the end with no strikes while he is more than likely level 3 by then. I would rather take a couple strikes and fight a far weaker monster then wait that long. If you can maintain DPS on the monster without anyone dropping you can get him down to two bars easily and from there on it doesn’t matter how many strikes you have.



never gets old :smiley:


Laz is great, and a good one will be both dropping heal bursts and be patient enough to wait for a Rez. He really is great for any point in the game IMO and has great damage potential. He is easily my favorite medic.


Maybe, maybe not.

Having a real medic instead of Lazarus does not guarantee that you will be able to keep your guys alive during the first stages and, as a monster, I’m happy to trade some health damage for strikes.

I still find Laz a bit weak, but this may also be due to the fact that many Laz players are not that good with him to begin with. Monsters are getting better at singling him out too. If real Laz fans keep playing and up their game, I won’t frown upon having a good Laz in my team!


Its more about luck then skill level with Laz. If your team members drop when your cloak is about finished recharging then you are doing fine, if they are dropping in between his revive ability your basically screwed. If Laz rushes in to revive without cloak he will be dead 90% of the time.

More than half the matches I have to cloak just to get away from the monster focusing me.


Well mutha fuck me… I’m going to find out tonight for sure lol.

Gonna guess and say no you can’t though.


LOL at least you can cloak to get away? Good luck staying alive with the other medics if you can’t stay alive when being focused with Laz.

The only “luck” involved with Laz is if the monster camps the body. If he does, well that’s just the way it goes. It’s up to the team to make him pay dearly in damage if he decides to do that, though. A good Laz is very skillful, especially when accompanied by a good team that knows how to support him.


That is a dumb comment.

Val has a tranq dart and insane range on the med gun while Caira has speed and insane healing bursts. The only thing Laz has is cloak on a very long timer which is usually being recharged because he uses it revive people.

Laz has no escape usually.