Lazarus Tips


Much to my surprise, I have come to enjoy playing Medics more than any other class. My particular favorite is Lazarus. I love his semi-auto sniper rifle and while it seems rare that my team capitalizes on the plethora of weak points I apply I actually end up landing quite a few hits myself so it works out. The cloak took a little getting used to; the fact that you aren’t completely invisible irritated me at first since you can’t reliably escape a monster that is currently on top of you with it, but that’s fair. It’s purpose is to be used preemptively as you move in to rez. The Lazarus Device is truly spectacular. No Strikes even after full death? Almost seems OP. I don’t even have much trouble keeping the party topped off with just the Healing Burst since chasing the monster tends to take a while.
The part I need help with is dealing with a monster that camps downed/dead hunters. I have no area denial in my kit anD even an orbital bombardment or mortar fire doesn’t seem like enough damage to scare off a determined monster (not to mention OB knocks me around so I can’t rez anyway). How should I deal with this hard counter to my kit?


You dont.
Just light that sucker up with everything.
He’ll move.
Trust me.
We may like denying you your rez, but we like staying alive more.
Everyones barrel should be pointed right at that monsters muzzle.
But if he wont move, no biggie, a single strike isn’t really gonna sway the entire game, but all the health he just lost certainly will :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the new tier four hunters really punishes monsters for body camping. lol


Unfortunately you can’t deal with it. You have to rely on the monster losing concentration and giving you an opportunity. If the monster is half decent it’ll not stick in one spot and will keep returning to the scene of the crime. You’ll never get an opportunity to revive, and if you by some chance manage to time it perfectly you’ll very likely have to accept that you’ll die as a reward.

The only thing that’s got any potential right now for Laz is to partner up with Sunny (and hope she isn’t the one taken down first, which is of a high probability) and co-ordinate with her for boosting out of the way when you’re done with the revive.


You gotta rely on your teammates for that one. The assault and support should work together to bully the monster off the dead body or at least take the fight somewhere else so you can get the revive. When I play as Hyde, I will help Laz out by getting in the monsters face with my flame thrower and trying to get him to fight somewhere else. Or, I spam the toxic grenades on the body.


Thanks for the quick replies.

Another question: what perk should I take? I usually grab Jetpack Recharge for chasing and escaping, but I’ve seen some advocate Reload Speed for faster rez and cloak recharge. Thoughts?


I have meet really stubborn monsters and hunters who can’t distinguish a wraith’s clone. That’s a problem wraith related indeed and its not that uncommon. Only a premade team can help you with that.

The main strategy: Your early game is really weak. Inside the dome, the monster will always have distance to smell you. But laz really comes strong IMO at stage 3, when the trapper don’t have to dome for the fight. That way you can stay away from smelling range (60/70 ?don’t remember exactly? meters by default). Meaning that if you go with your cloak you can guarantee at least one revive. That’s when laz really shines. Most good monsters will focus the trapper pre 3, that’s cool since they will get no strikes anyway. The downside is that the monster might be full health stage 3. That’s why laz is a late game medic IMO.

If you don’t know how to juke or have a support that can help you with cloak, you will get focused hard if you don’t keep your distance. I like to run cooldown so that i can spamm more heals during a chase as get back my 4 as soon as the support cloak runs out. If your team needs healing, they gotta come to you. But that goes for all medics. Remember to spamm your 4 during the chase to heal your team.


I never take anything but reload speed, the fast rezing and quicker heal bursts are too useful (though cloak recharge is bugged for now)


Problem with Laz is that a good monster will always destroy you. Either he will bait you with a down, then take you out. Or, the monster can down the trapper then run. Laz is the worst of the medics.

Just pick Caira. :stuck_out_tongue:


I take damage resistance, because the monster is going to throw everything he has at you, and every second you stay alive is another second the monster makes no progress.


I too really only use the reload speed perk with Laz for same said reasons (Cloak n burst use)… I’ve tried using jet pack perk also, thinking an more elusive Laz might me a better option… Nope much better having more frequent use of your abilities


And a really important one. Think twice before entering the dome, let the monster fight your team for a bit before going in to do what you need to do before stage 3.


My tip is not to pick him.

But good monster users won’t really camp the body but rather will use the body to bait you. The only chance a Laz really has is a good team supporting you.


You should not be using your cloak to move in. You should use it wehen the monster sees you. You want to stay as far away from the fight as you can while maintaining line of sight. If someone is about to go down, move in. Don’t just waste your cloak if the monster isn’t looking at you anyway, only use it to get away from the monster.


I tend to try and play Lazarus as a ninja who stays just out of the monster… And when I’m spotted my favorite technique is to lead the monster right back to my teammates…
I would say one of the best skills to learn as a Lazarus is to do away with your predictability factor

-Don’t be afraid to use your cloak whenever, you should spend as much time in the dome invisible as you can… Whether it’s your cloak or supports… You will need it

  • Heal as soon as possible, this one is just science bruh… If you heal your buddies when they have more health… They will probably have a higher survivability of escaping… And the quicker you use your heal… The quicker it will return.

  • you’ve got the shortest healing radius plus a cloak and a sniper rifle… That’s two close range tools and a long range one… So pretty much you should be jumping around like Ninja Dr. Mario tryna save his shoddy pharmacy

  • don’t ever pop your cloak when some one goes down… As soon as you panic and give into that temptation you lose… Because the monster knows exactly what your gonna do next… Wait and punish the monster first… Make him think you don’t know that Lazarus can revive… Then as soon as he looms away you pop that bad boy and swoop in like batman

The only exception to popping cloak immediately and moving in is if the monster isn’t focused on you currently, so you can pop and snatch your buddy real quick… Or if they are merely standing right on your buddy and your only option is to tiptoe your pasty ass up to the monsters back side and rez him right under his nose

Lazarus is all about mind games… If you can perfect those you will win


So, I’ve kept on playing Lazarus and I’m doing much better. The trick is, as Quirkly first mentioned, to just pummel the monster if he’s dumb enough to camp a corpse. If the team is smart, which people have been getting generally better at, they will stay in sight of the monster and light it up from a moderate distance, forcing it to either take a ton of damage for the sake of a single strike on a single hunter, or leave the body and give me the opportunity I need to rez. It’s easy to pester the monster enough that it can’t eat the corpse, and if a monster is trying to “bait” me in, it’s super obvious by its body language (constantly turning to look at the corpse and generally dancing a few meters away but never straying far).

I still take Jetpack Recharge. I’ve tried Reload Speed, and it’s certainly nice, but in my experience I don’t have trouble keeping most hunters topped off during the chase (except an astoundingly oblivious minority who take damage from every critter with an attack and never stop to let me heal them) and if I’m doing my job right, no more than one hunter will ever go down at a time, so the recharge on the LD is always up for the next patient. A quicker cloak would be nice at times, but it’s very situational. Mobility, on the other hand, is always important. On the chase, it helps me keep up with my team while I heal them up despite their damnedest attempts to stay away from me, and keep the monster from escaping sight too easily. In combat, I know to stay as far from the monster as I can, but I am a very juicy target and being able to keep flying is the only way to stay alive. Burn the land a boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me. ;D


Another trick you and your trapper can try is actually getting him to step even a little bit off the body and cutting him off with the dome it’s incredibly funny when laz just skip around the dome and casually revives assult or support while having a staring contest with the oblivious monsters works best on lazs worst enemy kracken and really well on abducting wraiths with proper timing


A post recently said the reload perk is broken. Is this true for Laz and his bursts?


yeah reload is broken on all electronic type weapons and any class cool downs


Laz is a little tricky right now, especially with how slow and buggy his Lazarus Device is. I was in a game earlier where I waited for the monster to get distracted then flew in, got to the body and was holding the trigger down for a full second or two before it started charging up. The bar filled up but nothing happened, and a half second later I got knocked away and my teammate was still down. So even if you play a perfect game you’re most likely gonna get fucked by the game anyway.

All you can really do is wait for your window of opportunity when the monster is taking a couple pop shots at your teammates, and jump on the body as quickly as possible to revive it. Your biggest fear - besides the monster focusing you - should be the monster eating your teammates corpse. This is especially true for Behemoth since he can put up a wall.

Heal your teammates whenever outside of combat, and while in combat focus on keeping at least 2 of your teammates topped off, since there’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed if he slowly whittles down your teammates and incapacitates more of them than you can revive. Oh, and lots of running away which is what Laz is perfect for since his only other role is shooting the monster.