Lazarus teleport?


I just played a game and figured I’d give Laz another shot. It actually went excellent, Cabot and Hyde put a lot of pressure on so I was free to revive most of the time. However, Griffin went down, I went to revive him, he teleported about 440 meters away. Great. I ran after him because the Behemoth seemed to run. Didn’t get him in time, Hyde died as well. Great. Two strikes despite no errors. How is this not fixed yet? I know people have complained about Lazarus bugged revival forever. Or is this also not “gamebreaking” like the reload speed bug? I have lots of respect for TRS but lately it seems like Evolve is heading into a “Let’s just milk as much casual money as possible” to me with the lack of drive behind fixes and the hunter bias with nerfs etc.


I haven’t had this happen in ages. The closest thing I’ve seen to this is when I was playing Behemoth today, and I sent a Marsh Strider I killed underneath the map.


If you think that’s bad ever since tier 4 came I’ve been falling under the map just by running and get stuck on the dropship and it flies away with me on it and everyone else off of it -_-