Lazarus Strategy


Just wanted to run this by the good peoples of ze forums and see what you guys thought. The last few games, the guys i play with have been using a Lazarus strategy that seems to work pretty well. I’m sure this strategy was around before, but since the introduction of Sunny, it makes it much more effective.
So the thought is, either the monster is going to camp the body of a downed teammate so he can try to eat the body and cause a health penalty. Or. He runs away after the dome goes down and the hunter gets a revival with no health penalty. If the monster camps the body, punish him. Hard. This works best with Hyde as many monsters will try to lure Laz in to get the revive, then rock throw/lighting strike/etc. and get Laz down. Hyde can use his gas grenades as camp repellant and his chain gun/flamethrower will keep the hurt on the monster. Could be done with Torvald, but the higher reload times may give the monster enough time to eat the body.
The only caveat I see with this strategy is Laz going down. Obviously this puts a big hole in the strategy. But that’s where Sunny comes in. Once the shield drone is down, if Laz stays near by, it should be able to mitigate most damage. Outside of the that, Sunny should keep her Jetpack booster handy in the case of an emergency. This allows Laz to kite, forcing the monster to either switch targets or take free damage as he waits for Laz to fall back down.
I think this can be a very lucrative strategy. Would obviously require lots of communication so this is more of a high level strategy. Final comp would be Lazarus, Sunny, Maggie (could also be Griffin, but the harpoons help keep the monster still when a body is down), and Hyde (lots of consistent damage). Monster players out there, thoughts? How might one counter this? Would this work against a good monster like I am thinking it would?


Incap Sunny first. If she cloaks, and you can’t keep track of her, start focusing Lazarus and try and bait Sunny into helping him escape. If you see that purple beam appear, go straight back to Sunny and keep trying to incap her. If she’s down, Lazarus is gonna have a much harder time getting the revive.


But see, that’s the thing. Take her down and the monster has to start body camping. Laz can stay away. May not even get the revive but all the while Hyde is laying into the monster. If Laz is smart and can stay away, you can get out of a dome/this situation with just one incap penalty.


So what happens when facing competent monsters is this…

Goliath: Jumps around a lot, uses leap smash and charge to keep moving. This keeps Assault at bay and occasionally stuns them with a knockback. The movement keeps going back and forth in different directions from the downed body ensuring that the revive is extremely unlikely to ever place.

Kraken: ranged melee spam while dodging around. Never touched by human’s devestating hand.

Wraith: It works better here against wraith, wraiths tend to try to do like Goliath with varying success, but some are starting to use abduct to drag corpses to very easy to defend locations and using decoy to give time to eat the body

Behemoth: Rockwall and lava bomb. Laz lights up if he comes close, if he can come close.

Body camping doesn’t generally mean anything bad for the monsters. Behemoth can take the damage in the few moments he’s not shielding himself with a rockwall to eat, the others can all move around very easily to avoid damage while never letting the body become approachable.

Sunny helps, don’t get me wrong. IF you manage to get a revive off then the combination of her drone and jetpack boost give Laz the best survival chance. But that’s a big if.


Focus Laz, make him pop his cloak, focus Sunny, make her pop her cloak, destroy shield drone, down trapper, then make judgement calls. At this point, Sunny and Laz are vulnerable, Laz is on a timer, and I’m free to leave whenever I want.

Really, it just depends on the skill of the monster player versus the skill of the team, Laz especially.


If Laz is staying away, then just go after him. If he cloaks, return to the body so he can’t get the revive easily. Once he uncloaks, go after him again and he should’t be able to stay up for long since he doesn’t have Sunny to boost him away and the Trapper can only do so much to keep Laz alive.


nice. finally we get good suggestions rather than just “omg UP”. there are holes in this strat, same as every strat. good job.


I usually focus down assault first because assault is the main dps. When I’m going to teabag someone I don’t want assault being the one keeping me off the body. Attack assault to get him to pop a shield, focus someone else or run to avoid damage. Then refocus assault. Once assault is down their goes about 40% of their dps and body camping becomes much less painful.