Lazarus Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread

This thread is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or dispense advice regarding Lazarus. This thread will be watched carefully as there have been several of these threads already made and many of them dissolved into anarchy. We do not wish for this to happen. As such, if you have nothing specific to contribute please do not post.
We hope that eventually we won’t have to monitor this thread as there are lots of players out there looking for advice and asking for some in return.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle other’s playstyles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed thread linings.

Furthermore, kindly do not post just to add things like “Do not play him” or “He sucks.” If you post, do so in a manner that furthers the discussion or provides tips in a constructive and civil fashion.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

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This topic is now back from the dead.


It’s funny he really was the first OP hunter and then he wasn’t after people got good.

Pick move speed so you can sit on the opposite side of the dome shoot the monster and then cloak and go in for a revive before he knows you’re gone.

Pick health regen so you don’t have to use heal burst and give yourself away and save it for allies (read trapper) who is about to go down.

Pick reload for more revives and heal bursts and cloak.

Jump height will allow you to climb cliffs without having to trigger jet pack while cloaked.

Jet pack recharge can work but it makes you more visible while cloaked not optimal imo.

Just because you can revive doesn’t mean you should. Its better to allow that corpse to decompose and deal a lot of damage and avoid a strike on Lazarus than it is to try and possibly fail that revive.

Support is your friend if your cloak is down he should be ready to cloak you when you ask.

If you don’t have a mic atleast type out before you go in so that the support can be ready to support you and the trapper is ready to slow.

Don’t pick laz at the very last second people need to change up their perks when you pick Laz whether that is HP regen or some other defensive perk like damage reduction or jetpack recharge.

Encourage hunters who are low on health to come to you they can run by and you can heal burst monster may decide to come after you at that point but that is what cloak is for and if the person who was being focused picked hp regen it’ll give them some time to get their health back. Also heal burst works through the dome walls.


Reserving space for when I have time to write after I’m done doing a space.


Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience.

I literally cannot repeat it enough. Be patient or you will get your team killed. Laz needs teamplay to be successful. Without coordination he won’t be able to work properly.

First off always take reload speed with Laz. He needs as many healbursts as possible. Contrary to popular belief, playing with a Laz doesn’t mean that you should be okay with sitting at low health or that you have to take health regen. A good Laz can easily keep his team topped off between engagements. Burst heal every single time that it is recharged, your team will need it.

When you’re in the dome stay on the outskirts and only come into the battle to do a quick in-and-out flyby healburst. Keep Laz alive at all cost. Use your personal cloak as soon as the monster aggros on you. Cloak should always be a tool to keep you alive first and foremost; using it to get a revive is secondary.

When a teammate goes down, it’s okay! Don’t rush in! Sit back, continue sniping the monster. If they stay on the body to pound out the incap, this is the time you and the rest of the team get lots of free damage. Everyone on your team needs to punish the monster when he camps a body. Make the monster pay for every strike on your team with multiple health bars. There are only two situations that you should move in and revive:

  1. The monster flees because he’s taking so much damage.
  2. The monster begins focusing a different teammate.

Unless one of these happens you and your team need to stay back and punish, even if it means not reviving the hunter.


-Use Reload Perk
-Stay out of domes unless someone goes down.
-When someone goes down, spread out and punish the monster for body camping. Patience is key here.
-When you find an opening pop the cloak and get in there for the rez.
-You need a really good support to keep you alive once the body has been rezzed. Shields, cloaks, boosters, etc.

That’s pretty much it.

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I don’t have much, but somebody around here once said “The point of Laz is not to get revives. The point of Laz is to force the monster to camp bodies with a chance of getting a revive”.

With a good Laz, your DPS should be insane, since the monster will have to camp bodies.

As already stated in this thread, PATIENCE. Don’t move in until you’re absolutely sure you can. Laz’s life is worth much more than everyone else’s on the team.


You could have repeated 2 more times to finish the symmetry on the mobile version :frowning:


That’s so true… Honestly as long as laz and support can keep themselves strike free and on the move… Then the other two can really just serve as a strong/weak bait. Assualt being the weak bait (cause who wants Hyde in their face). And trapper being the strong (cause crow is tasty, and cones with an appetizer) I mean of course you need assualt to maintain damage but a coordinated effort between these two characters goes a long way

Nothing worst than breaking off from bodies to down support cause he’s only 5 meters away and when you turn your back Hyde’s back up with the flame thrower frying

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Stay away from the Monster.

One fuck-up, and you’re gone. And so is the rest of your otherwise unhealed team.

Heal bursts also show your location, so don’t use them until you have an opening or need to heal yourself.

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Lazurus isn’t to made for reviving in battle.
He is the threat of the hunter being revived.
Laz stays back and avoids the fight. Only revive if the monster leave the battle. 1 strike for a lot of damage is very welcome.
Remember, the monster is scared of you. The only reason he stays is so that YOU can’t get a revive.
Make his feat even greater.


##Doctor Talha’s guide to Lazarus
#####Or: How to get a million angry emails from forum goers about how you teach people to play Lazarus wrong.
A common myth is that Lazarus is supposed to stay out of smell range and only get in close when someone dies. While that isn’t neccesary wrong, it is far from efficent and a good way to be baited hard.

As you become better at dodging and risk management, you need to move closer to the actual combat.
A simple rule of thumb is to never be the hunter that is closest to the monster, nor the one furterst away.
What? Why? you may ask, but real the question is why not!?
Your sniper is the only tool you have that synergise with long range. Your personal cloak do not. Your Heal Burst ability dosn’t either and your most important tool, the Lazarus Device require you to touch* the body!

*Not actually, but more of that later.

That is right, there ain’t no room for poking with sticks.

With three other hunters on the field doing their job, it will be pretty hard for the monster to focus you down. With the trapper’s CC and the support and assault high threat you should be able to just keep dodging until the monster realise it will be a whole lot easier to try to bait you rather than focusing you down while everyone is up. And that is good, because its what you want. I should probably add that this plan is not idiot proof. Your plan revolve around the monster having a basic sense of risk management. Some monster players, like @MultiDavid won’t stop for anything to kill you. No matter how much damage they take and how long they fight the trappers CC just to slowly wither you down, they don’t stop. If you are up against such monster, then only the power of Jackety Sax can save you.

But usually, as long as everyone are up, you are just as safe close up then if you were 70 meters away.
It’s the part where someone dies that usually end up leading to your death… Anyway, let’s take a quick moment to discuss:

##Heal Burst

In combat its very important you remember to use your Heal Burst.
Your job when everyone is alive and kicking is to make sure that as few people go down at the same time as possible, because if that happen your chances of saving both bodies go down dratiscally. All sort of events suddently become very likely, but here is a few examples: Your remaining teammate is the only one able to prevent the monster from consuming one of the bodies as you rush for the other one. Or you get focused. Or your teammate panic. Or you are the one that panic.

Anyway, here is the important bit to remember:
Your healing priority is :trapper:> :assault: > :support:
Your ressurection priority is :support: > :assault: > :trapper:

If the trapper dies, the CC go with him/her and the dome goes down. Not something you want.
The monster will usually leave if the trapper go down, so might as well pick him/her up if you got time to spare… I guess. If the monster did not leave after the trapper died, then it’s your team’s fault for letting the monster get to stage 3. Remember that if they blame you/Lazarus in the lobby.

The assault is the one that win the game, while its the rest of the hunters job to stall the game long enough for the assault do do his/her job. So keep this guy/gal alive to convince the monster to leave early, be it of its own free will or in a (big) coffin.

The support is important, but not that important. All you really care for is the cloak so you don’t have to spend your own. If multiple hunters die, having the support back up and breathing recharging that sweet, free cloak is always useful.

Anyway, let’s move on. It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite ability, the:

##Personal Cloak

Let’s quickly get this over with, so we can talk about the good stuff:

Rule #1: You do not use the cloak to engage in a revive.
Rule #2: Do DO NOT use the cloak to engage in a revive.

Why, you may ask?
Let’s think about this from the monster’s perspective:
There are three little hunters alive and one dead.
Suddently there are only two hunters alive, but still only one dead.
Can you spot the cloaked Lazarus?

Chances are he is either heading thowards the corpse or legging it.
Which one it is doesn’t really matter, because in 11 seconds he will be visible again.
Of course, there are exceptions, but keep these two rules in mind and use them and act on your own judgement.

Your cloak is your get-out-of-jail-card that take ~25 seconds to recharge.
It should be used as a last restort. Not when the monster is focusing you, but when all these conditions are met:

  • Your health is below what you feel cofortable with(usually around half health, but against some monsters, like Kraken, you can go lower if you feel confident).

  • Your jetpack is empty, and you are caught in the open/seppearated

  • The support have spent all of his/her supporting abilities.


  • Right after you revived someone, so you don’t run the risk of getting stunlocked(Haha, not anymore!). Usually the monster will be pretty mad about it aswell, often leading to the monster focusing you down no matter if he/she lose the round. (I usually end up incappitaed right before the monster dies as a result of this)

Now, if you followed these instructions correctly you should be half way dead with the monster chasing you when you cloak,(That did sound more posetive in my head…) and you are wondering: “But what if the monster just spam a bunch of attacks in my general direction and kill me?”, well, here is what you do: You turn 180 degrees and either run underneath the monster or around its legs. [I’ll update with a gif demonstration] Unless the monster chasing you is a Goliath that just happened to use Charge at that very moment or a rolling Behemoth, you did it, you escaped. What you do is up to you and how much longer you think the fight will last. If you just started, get as much distanse between you and the monster and heal back up while you are waiting for your cloak to recharge. Without the cloak and full health, I must admit staying too close is a bit dangerous. The further you are from the monster when you uncloak, the longer you have before it spots you, think for a moment and decide to attack you just for you to repeat the whole process or the monster giving up and deciding to (attempt) to bait you instead.

The monster tracking your footprints won’t be a problem in the arena, because the area is likely full of them, but keep in mind that you are not 100% invisible, so follow the cliffs sides and don’t step into the open. Your cloak doesn’t remove your jetpack trail either.
You are not a 100% invisible, you still shimmer like the hot air over a candle.

Just so that this part make sense with my statement in the first paragraph:
Yes, using the cloak while you still are far away from the monster is a bad idea. Not only do you run the risk of being baited, you get less time to escape with and your cloak will be on cooldown.

##The Silenced Sniper Rifle

It’s a pretty cool looking gun. Got a very nice reflect sight unlike the scope Val got… why anyone would include a dot-to-dot sheet in a scope is beyond me…
It stop the monster from eating, so always keep it out until the last moment before you revive.
It also create weak spots too, which are cool…
Not much else to say, get a couple of weak points on the monster torso and then try to go for head shots.
Or just spam it, because it make a pretty cool sound. That’s what I do.

Let’s quickly move on to the most important tool Lazarus got at his disposial, the:

##The Lazarus device

Let’s quickly go over the basics, so that there is no confusion.
The Lazarus device will revive a dead hunter back to full health (But only to 80% if the hunter is incpappitated)
unless the monster manage to eat two bars worth of meat off the body, it decay(a proccess that can be accelerated if the monster consume a bar worth of meat(Or a reaver… or other carnivores)), a Megamouth or a Tyrant swallow the body whole or the body is vaporised as a result of sinking deeper than two meters into water/acid or the body fall trough the map. Strangly enough, plants to not consume bodies, but that might be something that is fixed in the future.

Now that is out of the way, let’s quickly go over some useful facts and trivia:

  • You can move while using the Lazarus Device, so while you do slow down a bit, it’s not an excuse to stop moving.

  • For the same reason you can revive an incapped, swimming hunter that you might not think you could reach without going into a swimming state yourself by hovering over it. Be gentle, tapping your jump button too quickly will send you flying into the air. You have quite a lot of room for error so take your time. This also works on corpses to some degree, but they don’t float and once submerged the corpse marker dissepear. If the waters are deeper than 2 meters the body have a chance of outright being consumed by Kraken(No, not that Kraken. The sea one.)

  • You do not have to look into the direction of the corpse you are reviving. Backpedal if you are up against Goliath, as a rock to the face you could have otherwise dodged hurt.

  • Talking about Goliath, while Goliath’s Flame Breath do damage, it do not have any form of knock back, so give your dead friend a warm welcome back to the land of the living while you are both bathing in fire and Goliath in his own tears. Same goes for standing inside the puddle from a Lava Bomb.

Now, here comes the strategy part:
There are three optimal times to go for the revive:

  • Right around the 45 second mark, when the monster is bored and sloppy.

  • The moment the hunter is incapped, as they are often sent flying away from the monster.
    Neither do they expect it, especially if its the first time you do it.

  • And the main reason why you want to be right into the action: When the monster is using an ability with a windup, like Rock Throw, Lightning Blast and to a lesser degree Lava Bomb(Good luck dodging it, you are both pretty much guaranteed the massive damage) and abilities that involve movement, like Charge, Leap Smash, Warp Blast where the monster end up traveling away from the body.

Personally, I prefer the Health Regen because I often find myself in situations where I escape the monster with low health, and then I’m forced to wait on my heal burst to heal me back to full while my team needs me.

The Faster Recharge perk is nice too, though, for shaving off a couple of seconds of the Heal Burst.
And the Personal Cloak whenever TRS get around to fixing it.

###I’ll finish this up later, I don’t have anymore time right now, sorry.


I respectfully disagree on pretty much every front. I don’t really have the energy for a reply to match yours, so I’ll just comment on a few points you made that I think are particularly off.

It’s absolutely efficient, you seem to see it upside down; you’re not the one who’re being baited - the monster is. The longer the monster stays after someone is downed, the better. Not only is keeping your distance vital to survive, it stresses the monster to no end because he either have to commit or flee. Good monsters doesn’t down a hunter just to down him, it’s to find Lazarus and stay on him until he’s dead, which a really good monster often is capable of unless the environment is really in your favor and unless you really know how to coordinate cloaks with support.

I guess we have our own play styles and that’s fine but I don’t think what you’re saying is factual in any sense. In my experience, as long as you stay far enough away as you start the cloak, cloaking to get a revive (often reviving directly under the monster, in-between attacks) works wonders especially if you can make it so that support’s cloak takes over after yours run out.

That’s obviously not true, simply because, like you say;

-which someone almost certainly will since your healing capabilities are extremely limited even with the Reload Perk.

There are other things I disagree with, like the revive priorities and stuff, but that’s all I really feel like saying, I guess.

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This everyone, this is the way to laz.

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Pray your assualts good, because if he goes down, its GG. Once assualt goes, nothing in this world will force a monster off the body before it decays, or LAz comes in suicidal.

This is indeed the way to play Laz. I play Laz almost point for point. Its amazing how many Laz’s will cloak in for the revive. When I play monster and see this I know the laz only has seconds left on his cloak after the rez and then hes toast. The one thing which isn’t on the list that I utilize is the jetpack recharge perk. I can then sustain myself in battle much longer without Support help plus allows me to more leeway to dash in and get the rez. My philosophy for being in the thick of battle is so I can more easily get the heal bursts off plus it now turns the battle into 3 hunters doing damage while 1 is being targeted instead of laz sitting far away or even outside the dome and it being only 2 doing damage while 1 is targeted. Most monsters cant help but target laz so I offer myself as bait so the rest of the team can go to work. That being said I’m also confident in my dodging abilities so that’s why I choose that strategy

Against a Goliath, Behemoth, or Wraith, verticality is your friend. Abuse the hell out of it.

Stand on a high cliff with LOS on a body and the Monster and just poke him until he gets mad and comes for you. WAIT until he’s nearly on the cliff with you and then boost straight to the body.

There is no losing that revive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Against Kraken it’s all about waiting for his mistake. If he starts an LS or AS, you go for it. If he shifts his focus to another hunter you go for it. If he turns his back, you go for it. To capitalize on this, stay much nearer to the bodies than you would normally.

And as others have said, patience is key- however, you do have to take risks. Can’t play Laz by the book safely and expect to do well. You need to take risks sometimes. It’s about knowing which to take and how to take them. :wink:

None of that, thank you kindly.

What do you guys do vs behemoth shenanigans? He rock walls and nom noms on the body, and I can’t shoot him in time. I would get far behind him, but there has been a few times where he boxes himself in with a hunter. and I definitely don’t want to be boxed in there even with 3 other hunters. Do I just need Cabot rail gun vs behemoth or are there legit strats against this?

Back in comps, this is usually solved by tactical splits and proper positioning.

You eithzer need your teammate behind the wall to shoot him, or you need to get up close to the body and then let Behemoth yell in surprise as you ressurect the assault he was eating without him having any idea what just happened.

Yes, you can rez while people are being eaten.


This, this to the MAX. :stuck_out_tongue: Behemoths always throw down their walls and chow down all cocky, and then BAM their meal just got up and shot them in the guts. :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of the time the player is so disoriented they don’t even focus you and you can just GTFO.

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