Lazarus stealth not ranking up


I’m trying to get Lazarus to rank 2 and unlock Ciara, but his stealth ability won’t rank up. It is stuck at 5/7. When I complete games, it always adds +0, but then says I’ve had X stealth revives afterwards. It is very frustrating, as Ciara is the character I’m most interested to play. The issue seems to have started after I used the evolve phone app, but I am not positive about that. This issue has persisted for at least 5 games, both multiplayer and solo.


Are you sure you have revived two teammates (hunters or Daisy) while having your personal cloak up in one game?

If so it might be a bug with the app or game, I managed to get this challenge pretty easily.


Oh, and were you using the Lazarus device to make the stealth revives? Just making sure.


I’m unable to level up three of my initial skill levels for goliath. Same issue.


Despite being in the initial character tier and clearly doing damage with the skills I’m not progressing at all. So I can’t unlock the Krakken


Yeah, you must be bugged. Goliath 1 star is just do damage, and it would be almost impossible not to do that. I would ask support.