Lazarus shouldn't be able to revive dead survivors without a handicap


I was playing as the wraith and every time I’d kill a survivor it wouldn’t count because lazarus would just revive them. I know, just kill him first but it was getting tiresome having them come back without a handicap. Do you guys agree? Im probably being a bit biased since it made me lose xD


This is in rescue yes? I’m not really familiar with the mode but can you eat the dead survivor?


Yes, you may. However being shot will stop you from eating, so… yeah.

Against Laz, try baiting him out, attacking him to scare him off, then decoy and eat. Guaranteed kill and free armor.


They have a much shorter time in which Laz can revive them compared to the normal hunters in order to balance this


Survivors decay in 10 seconds as opposed to the 45 seconds Hunters get, so there’s the handicap.