Lazarus rifle


So I keep reading people saying that lazarus’s rifle “doesn’t reveal his position”.

Am I missing something? Whenever I’ve played as the monster and Lazarus shoots me I get a big red arrow pointing at him. Shouldn’t there be no indicator?


I think what they mean is that you can not HEAR where the shots are fired from.


They have no tracers. Other weapons leave trails in the air. Laz’s gun won’t.

But the weakpoint ruins that. VERY easy to tell where a shot came from looking at it. Plus the red arrow.


His gun also emits smoke when shot.


I would be ok with the weak point indicators of it meant there wasn’t a big red arrow shouting “hunter over here!” May as well have tracers if that’s going to be there.


He has a SILENCED sniper rifle. You shouldn’t be able to find him using sounds alone.


Why would you need to use sound when there’s a giant red arrow pointing his way?


This is why when I play Laz I generally shoot the monster only when in combat or far away. If you are the only hunter around or the last one left you shouldn’t be able to shoot the monster and the monster have absolutely no clue as to where the damage is coming from.

It’s like the cloak… it makes it harder to track the hunter but there are still clues to follow like footsteps.


If you keep up a thorough barrage of shots (because, what else would you be doing?) the monster inevitably flails and spins around often enough that your marks aren’t all on one side. When I play Laz it doesn’t seem like the monster locates me via my shooting, but more because he flails around, stares at me waaay at the edge of his smell range, and then comes barreling towards me.


Poor Monster doesn’t stand a chance >:)


I know when I get shot in real life, I see a big red indicator as also. Just figured they were going for realism here.


When’s the last time you were shot in real life ?


Pfffffft like every day. I’m imaginary thug yo-izzle.

Edit: Added izzle to yo


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You didn’t choose the thug life…


I was responding to @Babingor saying people complained about not being able to hear it.
P.S. What system are you on? I have yet to see this arrow you speak of.


Hello guys… I’m sorry but I think I missed something during the 430 hours I played… What the hell is that red arrow you’re talking about X____X


I know right? Maybe it’s a PC thing?
(Nice name dude)


Hehe thank you !

I’m playing on PC and I have to admit I never saw such a stuff while playing monster… Maybe because I m really focused on lazarus and I don’t need an arrow to see him . . .


Maybe, I’m on Xbox and I can’t recall any indication of an arrow or such. Maybe cause I’m running through 1000 thoughts when fighting hunters.