Lazarus rezzing with strikes bug


since the patch, Laz’s resurrection skill is not removing strikes from hunters anymore. Was this supposed to happen? Cause that’s supposed to be his selling point.


It’s been removing them for me… Not sure what’s up with yours. I’ll log in and test it again later.


No, nothing with Laz’s Glove has been affected. You ARE using the Glove, right?


lol wut?

Laz Glove not working on top of teleporting bodies?

Jesus… Evolve really hates bald guys who like to touch others with his hand gently…

Although I guess we all would…


Edit: Good point from Rap…

You are using the “B” button and not holding the “X” button? (Xbox)


Lol. I wasn’t the one using Laz. I was res’d by him multiple times with him using the gauntlet. Didn’t remove the strikes.


That’s a bug. A serious bug.


Lol. You didn’t make that apparent from your original post, bud. That’s a bug or something. Nothing with the glove has been changed.


Wait…that is actually a thing with him? I thought it was a bug the first time I saw it happen.


It is a bug.


Are you saying you already had a strike because you where revived the normal way once? and it didint remove it when he ressed you the next time with the glove.

because the glove doesent remove strikes it prevents strikes.