Lazarus Rez'd through a Goliath Flame


Solo-custom match

Laz used revivifier on Cabot while I was flaming him. Wasn’t a hack or lag, as I said it was a custom solo game. Just a random glitch I’m sure, but posting it. Unless this is normal :open_mouth:

I was in a WTF moment in my head and he quickly rez’d abe while I was distracted lol It turned into a bust match. Torvald was giving me a run for my money as it was though so I don’t mind. Caught me at the end of an evolve in a cave :’(

EDIT: Seems its normal


Fire breathe doesn’t interrupt rezs.
Annoying right?


Yeah that’s supposed to happen I think


It has to be impact damage to interrupt it.


Fire Breath doesn’t have any knockback, and only moves with knockback will stop a revive.


This isn’t a bug I don’t think, it just doesn’t interrupt it


Unfortunately that is how it works, be it laz or any normal revive, flame doesnt stop it!

Amount of times ive made the mistake is fustrating, even knowing it doesnt work :smiley:


Wow that’s unfortunate, but good to know. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Because the hunters are used to outer space they can function unless bopped on the head. They’re used to fire so even while being engulfed in flames they can still function.



Requesting lock, question has been answered.


It’s balanced. Fire breath would be overpowered if it did literally everything for Goliath >_>


Hopefully the bajillion repetitions of the same answer help you out here OP :smiley: