Lazarus reviving wildlife

So I’ve just played a game where the monster was on low health, assault was dead trapper and support were distracting the monster briefly so I leap in with my revivified and…ressurect the dead crowbill sloth that was 5 metres away. Which incaps me and the trapper handing the monster a victory it didn’t earn.

Why is this feature even in the game? It literally has NO advantage for the hunters. At LEAST put in a warning that the wrong thing is coming back to life please.


Whatever you’re revivifying will have a white outline around it.


I didn’t know that o_o

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The more you know yo


Once our Support/Trapper pair caught the monster trying to run back for the HP regen that the assault/medic had just killed (back when it was too good) and our Laz revived it and then backed off. Me and the trapper snuck in and arena’d the monster while he was fighting it and we won the game that dome. Had we not won, we would have at least likely denied that buff.


Me and my friends did a custom where I would eat 2 meats off a mammoth bird then let it get revived and repeat until I evolved to stage (Not important).
I don’t think it is a huge problem but reviving wildlife is just a fun feature in the game

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Reviving wildlife can have its uses, but hunters should be preferred by the glove!




I wish when Lazarus revives albinos it becomes normal coloration and removes the buff making him the only hunter capable of denying buffs to the monster.


Holy shit I love that idea. The buffs aren’t winning games on their own anymore so it’s not as huge a deal, but they still feel pretty fundamentally anticompetitive so giving Laz that little boon might make him more pickable in pub lobbies.

Grab an elite wildlife’s perk, and then revive it so the monster must spend time killing it himself to get the perk.


No. The ability to completely deny buffs would make him the only medic ever chosen, like saying Hyde should be able to burn bodies, Hyde would then be the only Assault chosen because the ability to completely deny buffs is too strong. Plus, Lazarus’ glove doesn’t change the genetic code of the creature so it would even make no sense in terms of lore.

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Except then you are guaranteeing the monster the perk if he wants it, better to kill it and let it decay and deny him the perk entirely

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The white outline is not a guarantee of what you will rez. There are occasions that a hunter will be outlined but the wildlife gets revived instead

It’s a pain, yes. However it can be used to the advantage of the Hunters.

Funnily enough I played a match not too long ago where my team took a damage bonus and left it to rot, moments later the goliath picks it up and our medic at the time was playing Lazarus saying “I knew I shoulda ressed it”
Goliath went on to evolve and win the game, thanks to it.
If Laz had’ve revived that sloth, the goliath would have wasted more time and we’d be able to stop him from taking it.

In that case you obviously didn’t know where the goliath was, if you have no idea where he is you just have one person camp the buff until you find the monster, if the monster could get the buff before it decays you just make sure one hunter is between the monster and the buff, if you had ressed it in that situation the monster could’ve easily gone stage 3 and went back for it anyways, if you couldn’t beat him stage 2 with damage buff you definitely wouldn’t beat him stage 3 with it.

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Yes. I did.
He ran past us after we chased him, and headed for the sloth. I was kinda occupied with chasing him down, being the trapper and all- the rest of the team decided they would take the buff without informing me.

Pub games. What can you do.

I would like this. Don’t change the colour but remove the buff.

True enough about the pubs, but he still would’ve just gone back for it later had laz ressed it, they really don’t take all that long to kill at stage 2 or 3. Laz ressing it in a pub game basically guarantees the monster will go back and get it, while leaving it to decay risks the monster getting it theres a good chance he wont get it.