Lazarus revive bug - Respawn under map


Found bug with lazarus on map The Distillery (winter snow map).
If you revive someone who is under/next to the plane next to the power relay, he can respawn under the map.

The monster can not really kill the hunter (only AOE damages hunter, like warpblast, but hunter can dodge), while the hunter can stop the monster from attacking the relay.

Picture included. See attached file.


This can also happen without Lazarus reviving you. I tried to climb on top of the platform (the one the plane is on) but instead I somehow jumped through it and got stuck there. I still got incapped, and Daisy somehow spawned underneath the map to revive me but couldn’t reach me & got stuck there lol


During beta, I saw 2 people get trapped under the plane platform. They were ressed by Lazarus.


Yup. We lost a Parnell that way. Picked him up, turned, burst healed, started pursuing the monster again and he comes over comms saying “Dude, I fell through the floor!”

Sure enough, I turned back to look and saw his character icon on screen way underneath me. So I just said “Oops! Lazarus has Butterfingers!”


Yea, i had this happen to me during beta in a game where the kraken is left with less than a bar of health left and lazarus is the only person alive, who happened to res me before getting killed. I ressed under the platform, and had no line of sight while the kraken proceeded to destroy the relay. Was a close match but probably could’ve won if the bug didn’t happen.


Lol, I lost as Kraken because Hyde went through the floor at the power relay (on the Dam) and just spammed Toxic Grenades, and I couldn’t hit him XD