Lazarus on Rescue - Does he work well?


I am curious to see how Lazarus will play on rescue. Will he be too strong, since he can revive any of the survivors without strikes? Even after they are perma-downed? Or will he be really weak because he can’t keep them alive and moving?

How does the score board reflect the downed vs not-downed survivors?

Is it possible for Lazarus to revive survivors from previous waves? As the monster how do you deal with this? By eating the survivors?


Survivor bodies only last 10 seconds, and the hunter bodies are xtimes longer, so lazarus has to be quick, and since he cannot heal the survivors they take less time to die.


It’s ultimately a speed thing. He can res survivors with no penalties, but his cooldown is slow. It would work, but hard to gauge how good until we can play it.


The guys in the streams seemed to favor Laz, but that’s a well liked hunter team, he might not be your best bet in a pug group


I think a Lazorous comp on rescue will be about forcing the monster to engage for longer if he wants to prevent corpses on either of the first two waves. If the first two waves get in without issues then you only have to save one person on the final wave. If the monster engages your team to stop either or both of the first two waves and succeeds, then you can go with the hope of killing the monster because he had to prevent Laz from rezzing the corpses by taking unnecessary damage hopefully. A recent live stream saw this idea in action.


personally, laz is best in rescue if 4 players engage the monster, while hes stage 1, and laz goes away from the dome to revive people, the dome lasts longer than the evacuation ship to arrive, so its quite a good strategy, expecially because since the monster is at stage 1, at his weakest, a good hunter team will be either able to 1. Kill the monster and win

  1. get a 2-0 advantage on the survivors

  2. lower the monster’s hp

  3. catch the monster by surprise

I mean, nobody goes looking for the monster during rescue :wink: