Lazarus needs a buff/ fix


After playing lazarus extensively I can say with without a doubt he is the weakest of the medics. His personal cloak is pretty terrible his healing sucks and the body’s fall under the map half the time and render you completely useless. I recommend his cloak gets buffed in terms of duration or cool down and that they fix the bug with the bodies. Also why does his cloak break when your reviving? kind of defeats the purpose of cloak reviving. With these changes I feel he will be viable in tournament and the competitive scene. Thoughts?


He doesn’t need a buff. Fixing the bodies falling under the map would be amazing though, so irritating when it happens.


Lazarus is an incredibly hard character to balance. Make him too survivable and suddenly monsters can’t make any progress at all. Make his healing stronger and he becomes a Val with a powerful revive device. Leave him as is, and his success essentially rests on the monster’s mistakes.

Also, I believe that his cloak only breaks on Lazarus’s side of the equation - he will see himself uncloak, but the monster doesn’t.


Cloak breaks during revive. Monster and allies can see him too.


I think Laz is fine the way he is. It takes a certain kind of playstyle to make it work, but even in PUGs Laz can dominate. As long as you know how to be circumspect and stay out of sight, the monster will be hard pressed to do any lasting damage.

The real problem with playing Laz is the rest of the group doesn’t get the crutch of constant healing the other medics grant. They have to be self-reliant and accept the fact that sometimes they will die, and as long as the team is smart about drawing the monster away from the corpse Laz will pick them up.


Laz doesnt seem like he needs a buff at all


Making buffs like that would just make him too OP. I understand making bodies not fall under the map but thats all.


He definitely needs a buff, ideally one targeted to skilled play.

Monsters who know what they are doing easily counter him - picking Laz against a decent Monster massively reduces your team’s chances of winning.

If I could only have one thing in a buff for him, I’d give his Healing Burst a normal cooldown and a heal over time effect like Slim’s drone that would break upon taking damage.

Laz often narrowly escapes after taking a beating with little hope of reaching 75% health even when safe, and building up damage on multiple characters is an insanely strong counter to him as of now.

This way, he could at least heal up Hunters that stay safe and recover from a beating without losing his identity of a Medic that can’t heal to counteract focus meaningfully.


Oh if we are talking about his heals than I’d be ok with that but what other people are talking about toggle-able cloaking and more range on his laz device is just madness


He’s not supposed to “heal” his team. His heal is his Lazarus device. That’s why it brings them back with no strikes.

The 2 things i would change with him are

1.) cloak should be toggled so as to use it to use it multiple times in a few minutes if you have to.

2.) self heal should be better.


Toggle yes.
Range no.


He just need 2 points of super armor on his glove, meaning he can take 2 hits before being knocked out of the revive animation.


I like the idea of toggle cloak. Activate it when you need it, turn it off to conserve the charge.

At the moment good monsters stomp laz hard. Just wait till his cloak runs out then focus hard. Once laz down team down.


if cloak gets the toggel ability then it needs to be like behemoth’s stamina consumption. Otherwise it’d be infinite cloak


Maybe laz should be able to use his glove to heal people that would be useless if the monster is targeting someone and he could be pretty close to par it doesn’t half to be full it could be 25 or 50% that way he’s useful to keeping a dome and support up( ps and just casually watch while the assaults shield goes down and he gets brutalized so badly he goes through the map cause you laz like that)


Lazarus needs a buff. He simply does. I think he’s far better than Slim though, in all honesty, and if you design a team around him, it’s godly.


i would redesign the lazarus device, keep the animation and the cast time but make it an aoe heal like heal burst with a very small radius (~3-5m) which heals for a small amount(10-15% similiar to slims heal burst) all healed dead/downed team mates are revived without a strike, increase the cd to balance this, the radius needs to be small enough that the monster can prevent revives with melee attacks over the corpse

with this lazarus has a tool to heal himself a bit while kiting and the option to heal wildlife damage more constistent, with the increased cd he needs to decide to use it for heal or revive purpose and the monster has the simple option to just down people faster than he can revive them to get strikes


Lazarus is fun to have on the team. I enjoy trying to keep the monster off of him, as everyone pushes the monster back.

But, he does need some kind of buff. I would love a toggle cloak or something.


yes i think he needs a buff too. better cloak or shorter device cooldown


I agree, the bosy’s falling through the map is just an embarrassment to the developers. Also his cloak which is everything for laz needs a buff. Id say cooldown timeof about 50%. Without that, no good monster will let you revive a downed hunter. I think his distance away should get buff as well. Not a lot but just a touch so you don’t have to get right on top of the body to revive. He really could be a lot more usable if a small buff is in order in the near future.