Lazarus Lore


Hey everyone, I was just posting because during the beta I heard Lazarus’s conversation with one of the trappers (Abe, I believe) where he essentially says “don’t ask me how my Lazarus device works”, but with a tone that implies he’s trying to protect Abe, not himself or his device.

This got me thinking about him, and the possible lore from his Lazarus device, and I came to what I believe is almost certainly the lore the Lazarus:

He is dead.

Look at his skin, it’s gray and sickly. He looks just like a corpse. I think that the way the Lazarus device works, the reason there are so few and they are so secretive, is because it requires you to trade a life for its power. Lazarus states that he can’t simply leave the device at home and take a medgun, and this makes me think that he has to wear it, or else he dies. What does everyone else think?


While " He’s dead " might be a bit overdramatic, 'cause he’s pretty clearly still running around and doing things like a normal person would, there might be something to the whole " Lazarus device drains the person wearing it " thing, because in another conversation he mentions that if he were to die, nobody else could use his device because it’s tied into him beyond just being on his arm.

Alternatively, it might have to do something with the way the Lazarus Men operated or were treated. Maybe he was locked in a bunker for the last 5 years?


there is also the possibility with his lore his device may cause the creation of a new kind of monster if he ever does use it 1 and mutates it

since there’s 1 conversation where he’s basically told “no reviving dead monster bad Lazarus bad”


I think they are refering to the fact that a revived Goliath onboard their ship would be pretty hard to deal with, more than anything.


Or maybe he’s pale because his theme is death. It just seems more fitting than having someone with healthy looking skin.

Was this a dropship conversation?


Yeah it was a dropship conversation. I believe it was part of the conversation I mentioned with Abe, although it could have been someone else.


Ah, haven’t heard that one yet. I’ve never seen Lazarus without the glove so maybe you’re right. We’d need @Matthew to give us the official lore for Laz’.


I think he is referring to the conversation between Laz and Abe, where Abe offers to give Laz a medgun like Val has so that he won’t need to use his “scary glove thing”. Lazarus denies and just tell him he can’t.


In a conversation with Cabot he mentioned the device is coded to his DNA.


lol that’s true could make for an interesting map at least all on it on board the ship would be a very different kinda map with caged wildlife, civilians and random few soldiers


Judging from the size of the ship, if they would revive the monster onboard, it would just be a rampage with nowhere to dodge and hide… Especially since the Lazarus device revive you with 80% health.


Lazarus has to wear his glove or else he dies…? Interesting. We can’t actually deny the possibility that he is “dead”. I mean he participated in war, didn’t he? And this would actually explain why he can’t revive himself if he is incapacitated - since the deivce is already keeping him alive he just can’t use more of it’s power.


Lazarus is DNA tied to his device, just like any of the Lazarus Men. Army safety protocols are bullshit.

Lazarus once said to Parnell that he wants to try and revive a Monster onboard the ship, to see whether the device is capable of doing that and how would the Monster behave. Parnell said no. And Lazarus is frustrated over how they’re not willing to take a risk to get to know more about the Monsters. Also, he’s probably just as batshit insane as Hyde, since they both served in the same war…

The Lazarus Device is extremely simple to use, even so that a child could use it. It, however, it has numerous brain damage side effects when used on a person. Go figure.

It is very possible that a Lazarus Men member will die if the device is removed from his/her body, alongside with the Lazarus Device self-destructing, to prevent the enemy from capturing that technology.

@Matthew , would you mind dropping us some of these dialogues? It would be greatly appreciated.


Lazarus is a boss


Here’s lore on the Lazarus Device from @Matthew posted in another thread.

The Lazarus Device

The Celestial Corporation developed the Lazarus Device for Hub’s war
with the Basilisk Nebula. Field medics are expensive to train, expensive
to replace, and proved little use against genetically engineered mutant
shock troops.

So Celestial developed the Thanatologist. A quick to train,
inexpensive field medic replacement with no medical experience, only the
ability to bring dead soldiers back to life.

The Lazarus Men, as they became known, were deployed alongside Hub’s
new Chemical Trooper Division, a devastatingly effective combination
cited by most histories of the Mutagen Wars as the decisive
technological development that gave Hub the edge it needed to finally
put down the Basilisk Nebula’s rebellion.

Service history
In service: 2368 – 2371
Manufacturer: Celestial Materials Extraction & Transport
Unit cost: ҝ18,664
Produced: September 2367
Power Source: 2mw Celestial TRU-power™ sealed thorium microreactor.
Operating System: Rank-Rajat OS3 “Caliban”
Security: PITRE Corporation DNAccurate™ M-11-80 Biometric System


“Lazarus is dead! …I think. Hard to tell with that guy.”

I don’t think he’s dead, though his badge IS a zombie. Considered he’s “genetically engineered,” I imagine his body has taken a toll to whatever they did to him. He’s still strong and if you look closely, he has patches of “healthy” skin (it still has color) among the pale, sickly looking skin.

With release, perhaps we’ll get more dialogue on his backstory. He certainly has one of the more mysterious origins.


Lazarus is really Francis from L4D. The Lazarus men learned the tech from somewhere. They learned it from the Zombie Outbreak. Being immune gave his DNA a unique evolution. Due to the events in “The Passing” Francis wanted to learn how to bring his long lost father figure back from the dead. Thus began his search for the ability to bring people back from the dead. When he wasn’t satisfied with answers he would freeze himself in order for science to catch up with him. He continued to leap through the ages until science caught up with him, but now he was homeless. It wasn’t until another group of people approached him about a job that reminded him of his friends, Zoey, Louis, and Bill that he decided he could protect his friends this time around.