Lazarus is the new wraith


lazarus is unfair.

i am about ready to quit. i can beat anyone but lazarus. if it is a l2p issue then i am not really sure what to say, i have played 100s of games and have learned how to play well against every other hunter.

i realize that lots of other people who, in my opinion, dont have the slightest idea what they are talking about, will say lazarus is fine, or even weak. i am sure there are plenty of people who will tell me their diabolical strategies for beating lazarus. don’t bother. after my hundreds of games and eliting all of the first three monsters plus half of the the first 12 hunters it is clear i need to learn to play. or maybe just “get gud”.

i wont quit. i will just stop playing against lazarus. i will get to stage three and just let the ai take over vs lazarus from now on.

it is unfortunate that every single one of the 5 games i have played tonight, each against a different team, was against lazarus. and further, when i say i was playing against lazarus, that is completely accurate. no one else on the other team matters, at all. the presence of this character completely changes the game.


Alright. I won’t tell you that it is an L2P thing, that Laz is weak, because you won’t believe me.

So good luck. Hope you find how to counter him.


Can I have your DLC?


Since you clearly think you are good (I have no reason to disagree), I think you just might be the best Monster player that cannot beat Laz. If “kill laz first” or “kill and eat the downed hunter” will not work for you than nothing will. Those two tactics are so simple. Do you have any gameplay that we can see of you fighting Laz?


Eh , he isn’t really weak. I’ll say he is roughly balanced


I prefer being against Lazarus than Val or Caira.


Oh I forgot to add the part where Laz can’t be the new Wraith. Wraith was sitting pretty at a 60+% win rate and was ruining the fun in the game for people at all skill levels. Laz has none of those things going for him.


So the point of this post is what exactly? You don’t want feedback.


“Don’t help me. Just fix it!”


I hate him, I truly do but when I see a Laz I will focus him so hard that he doesn’t stand a chance. I will kill him, at the cost of a lot of health, get him down, beat him into a fine red paste. If I kill another hunter I’ll camp their body and eat it at the cost of health to prevent him from reviving them. He’s an asshole, you need to play like an asshole back.


I typically have a more frustrating time against a Caira then a Laz, given that she can heal herself at a constant rate. I actually just finished a match against a Laz, and won with only a quarter of a bar of health thanks to him. Anytime I would down someone, I would have to camp the body, knowing he was cloaked and waiting for me to make a move. But even then, he got 1 or 2 resurrections right under the body I was camping even though I was standing right on top of it, meleeing like crazy when I heard the Laz device charging up.

Stay focused on him if you’re domed at all costs, unless the hunters are absolutely DPSing you at a fast rate. Remember, he cant take off his own strikes. Use that to your advantage.


He sounds like he’s not asking for help, but same time he feels there isn’t a counter for Laz. So here’s a few to help you out:
General Advice
Eat the Hunter
Lazarus can revive downed AND dead hunters, but he can’t do anything if the body has been eaten. If you can isolate a victim, eat it and thats an assured Health Tick against the hunter team.

Smell the Feet
If Laz is cloaked, sniff. You won’t see him but you will see foot-prints. Attack where they end and you’ll likely hear a yell of pain.

Look for Fire
Cloaking doesn’t hide your Jetpack flames, so look out for that blue-white glow. That will give you an idea where he is.

Pick on the Medic
Lazarus cannot deal with his own health strikes, and once he dies - every other hunter is free game. I typically recommend going for their Support since they will do everything they can to keep Laz alive. Once the support drops, go for Laz.

Monster Tips
Flame breath will reveal a cloaked hunter. Max this at lvl 2 for the extra range and damage and breathe in the general direction of the enemy.

Aftershock also reveals cloaked hunters. Again, max this at lvl 2 and use it where-ever Laz is. I personally use it as a Dive-Bomb (take flight, activate, drop onto the hunters just prior its detonation)

Take the support or trapper down, then wait for to hear Laz’s voice. Fly in with a lvl 3 Warp Blast to deal damage and clense the area. If he runs, drop Supernova and use Abduct to pull him back in.

Lava bomb is your friend as, again, fire damage will reveal cloaked hunters. Better still, push a hunter to an isolated area, get them down with a Lava Bomb, then isolate yourself in with them with a Rock Wall. Use the time to eat the body and Laz will have nothing to revive.

Laz can appear annoying as he takes away a big advantage from the Monster - i.e.: Health Ticks. However this makes him a MAJOR target to be taken down. Dome Fights against him will inevitably result in either biding time to run, or using your full armor to hunt him down and take him out. If you can down Laz twice, he’s very fragile. And once he drops, you can go full beserk on the rest of his team - leaving them alive once down to focus on survivors.

That said, if you think you can’t play against him - that’s your call. He plays different to the other medics, but that doesn’t mean he’s unstoppable. Just as a Monster MUST run from a Maggie or Crow and SHOULD sneak from a Griff or Abe, the playstyle changes depending on the hunters.


Camping the body isn’t an ideal move. Laz can move within 30-seconds of the hunter dying to revive them. Instead stay NEAR the body - leaving it to attack the other hunters - but keeping within range of the victim. The goal isn’t to let the target die, but rather use them as Laz bait to bring him to you so you in turn can demolish him. If he gets the hunter back on their feet, that’s fine - provided you can down Laz in turn.

Its a slight game of attrition. The more cunning and patient will win that fight.


Yes, Laz CAN be very op and annoying (almost always when embedded in a good team and more so now with Sunny jet boosting him).

I will always go Stage 3 to kill Laz. It isn’t worth it to Stage 2 fight and lose any health when there is a high probability Laz will undo your strikes. I typically fight Stage 2 if they don’t have Laz (though now I often go to 3 vs. Slim as well because he does too much damage early).

Take feeding perk so you can quickly eat bodies he will try to rez. Jumping away from a body then back often works.

Killing trappers early works well vs. Laz. He can not heal them up. Incap trapper to kill domes. Then run.

At Stage 3 do some damage to all hunters. Focus Laz early so he pops cloak. Once you start incapping hunters he will not be able to keep up, or you will find him.

No easy answers just some tips.

Hank and Sunny are really annoying paired with Laz.


Yeah, typically when I incap/kill someone, I like to hide behind a pillar or building, and have my leap smash queued up on the body. Unfortunately half of the time, Laz has cloak on, so I don’t take the risk. I typically wait near the body until he uncloaks, then unleash my monster rage on him.


Yeah my team is starting to love Laz/Sunny combo. She more than makes up for his shortcomings and being focused simply doesn’t work nearly as well anymore between cycled Stealths and Boosted jumps. At this point, the only time he’s truly vulnerable is when you down a teammate and you eventually force him out of hiding (If he takes the bait that is…)

Sunny is letting me pull some SERIOUS rezzes on poor Monsters that otherwise would have mopped the floor with us. I’m liking the pairing! :smiley:


Sounds like someone awareness is garbo if they cant keep eyes on dead bodies oh well op no worries maybe u will adapt and realise laz isnt really special especially in pubs with randoms lol


I don’t struggle with Lazarus he’s just the most annoying medic out of them all, especially with hank, they can cause you alot of bother. It becomes tedious while you have Parnell blowing your face up lol


Soooo, I can’t understand, what exactly is the difficulty? Could you please describe the situation in more detail?
My original guess would be that you’ve just encountered a person that knows how to play as Laz and does not make stupid mistakes ‘classic’ Lazarus players commit every match.


The only time Laz is really an issue is when you run up into a good team that works and communicates together. Because Laz REQUIRES babysitting from other hunters in order to be liable.

There are two things about this though. 1, if you run into this team that works great and they wreck you with Laz, they’d likely wreck you no matter what. A good hunter team communicating well is hard to beat. 2, a group of skilled and teamed hunters will likely use someone much better than Laz anyway, like Caira or Slim or Val. Which is probably why you never see these premade groups using Laz, and never see him in tournies.

OP you must simply be one of those guys with whom Laz just gets in the head of. To beat him you simply take another hunter down and use that dead body as bait. That or if the Laz is garbage, which 99% are, you don’t even need to down someone. The Laz user will make it easy for you.