Lazarus is really good, but only if you help him achieve greatness!


So, I like playing Laz. I like him more than Caira, but most people don’t understand what they need to do to open up a revive opportunity.

Keep. Firing. On. The. Monster.

He can’t eat while you’re shooting him, and with everyone firing on him, he’s not going to sit there trying over and over forever, and if he is, you’re gonna wreck him. Get a good distance away (don’t stand in his face, not even you, Assault) and just pepper him relentlessly. Eventually he’ll move in for the attack. He might do it as a “fake out” once or twice. Don’t worry, if your Laz is any good, he’ll be watching for a commitment to the attack, he won’t jump in the second the monster moves. Laz has to keep firing as well, the rapid-fire sniper rifle is great at preventing eating and of course boosts the team’s damage.

It sounds simple and obvious, because it IS simple and obvious. Get back and lay waste to the monster. He’ll have to commit eventually or just flee. The key to opening up a revive opportunity and preventing eating is to be as evasive and as annoying as if you’re the last person alive and the Monster’s trying to hit the power relay. Toss mines around the corpse as well if possible before taking position.

You want to make it seem like a really, REALLY bad idea to camp that corpse. Everyone should have a tree or a rock handy that they can quickly dodge behind to avoid ranged attacks, and for the love of god don’t use Hank’s air support unless you think it’ll scare the monster off (i.e. no armor, 75% or less health) for good.

Too many times while I play as Lazarus, the team tries to just run the Monster away, or someone gets too close, or they’ll want me to move in the second the Monster moves. Everyone on the team has to simultaneously commit to the revive attempt, and in doing so, you’ll generally do a LOT of damage to the monster. I know this, as I play the monster primarily! A good team will make eating that corpse without the eat speed perk borderline impossible. It’s a little different for each monster, but is possible with all 3.

This is of course, only for a single revive, if two people are down, things get more hectic and complicated.

Worst case scenario, the person gets eaten (ideally after a long struggle where you’ve fucking destroyed the monster’s health) and your team flees and the person should be nearly ready to be dropped off. Getting a person back up is all about your team creating an opening with relentless aggression. No shield beams, no damage amps (continuous fire from all people!!) nothing but pure, endless death.


yet every laz just runs in blindly as soon as someone drops.


Yes, which is sad.


Dont teach people how to git gud with laz
It makes it more harder to stage 1 wipe them :cry:
Lol nah, good guide, definitely something laz players need to learn instead of being easily faked out into catching a rock to the face


That eating speed perk tho…


Yes, if the monster has that, Lazarus is boned. Most people don’t take the one from the menu, but if they get the one from the albino… Yeah, not so good.


and that is why bucket is the best lol. if hes the one alive there will be no monster camping. i once did 12k with turrets in one battle with a stage 2 goliath lol. thats what he gets for sitting there in fear of laz reviving.

btw turrets have range. but no one uses it. it OUTRANGES goliaths flame breathe. why u gotta be so close then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Trapper needs to not underestimate their damage output during these situations. Even Maggie’s merely passable SMG will prevent corpse eating, and can deal decent damage, let alone Abe’s Shotgun and Griffin’s Gauss SMG, which are both excellent. I’d argue that a good Griffin should be using his Gauss SMG way more against a camping Monster than his Harpoon Gun. It might not be great on its own, but in addition to Laz’s weakspots (which, if the Laz player is worth anything at all, the Monster should be absolutely plastered in) and the additional firepower from the Support/Assault, it should be insanely easy to get the Monster off of the body.

Hell, I think people hide too much as Lazarus anyway and vastly underestimate how easy it can be to drive a Monster away if you’ve got ten weakspots painted on them and the entire rest of your team dumping lead into them. Laser Cutter, Sentries, Maggie’s SMG, Gauss SMG, Abe’s Shotgun, Parnell’s Shotgun, Minigun, Assault Rifle, Rail Cannon… With the exception of other Medics that would never be on the same team as Lazarus anyway, every single character has a penetrating weapon that can take advantage of Val and Laz’s weakspots. Val’s weakspots are important too, but require more accuracy to take advantage of, so folks like Maggie might fall short with their high spread. With Lazarus, though? There’s no excuse for not pelting the Monster once its covered in targets. It’s one of the best ways to punish a Monster. Lazarus should be pelting the Monster with weakspots and punishing them first and foremost. You’ve got 45 full seconds to get your teammate back up even after they die, all your team needs to do is shoot the Monster. Damage is one of the best deterrents in the game, and Lazarus has the capability to nearly double his team’s damage if played right.

It’s not just Lazarus’ job to revive people, but also to help his team clear the way to get the revive off.


Lazarus as a medic is viable for many reasons but his main drawback is that monsters can pretty much play to guarantee a stage 3 by simply downing the trapper and running away. Lazarus cannot sustain a hunter through a combo of attacks from the monster without some impeccable play on the part of the hunters to avoid the damage in the first place, as even with the lowered cool-down on his healing burst it’s just not enough, and using it puts him right in harms way, at which point Lazarus will take the focus and be forced to cloak, making a subsequent revive harder to pull off.

I’d like to see him find a niche in competitive games, but as it stands he does not offer anything more than his pseudo damage-amplifier and while he is heaps of fun to play in pub games and frustrating as hell to play against, he is too easily countered, and far too reliant on strong teamwork. In competitive games he just gets baited out and dealt with by a monster who is stage 3 with full health and armour.


This is definitely his main disadvantage. The lack of constant healing makes the Trapper that much easier to take down, which means less chances to deal decent damage at vital early stages.


To monster always downing the trapper deal, when I play as Trapper and have a Laz on my team, I run damage resistance, just make sure the dome stays up longer than 15 seconds. But that’s just me.

So many times since Evolve came out, monsters getting baited to camp a body just due to a Laz being on the team. They take so much punishment just trying to get a strike to eat the body run when half their hp bar is gone.


Yeah, your trapper has to know to play the evade game (ring around the rosie, yay!) and ideally run some way of evading more or taking less damage. Laz absolutely requires a lot more work out of the entire team, but he has the potential to keep everyone fresh a lot longer than the other medics. Those strikes hurt really badly against a good monster.


I run hp regen. then i find the tallest surface and just keep jetpacking up in the air. hoping to stay alive. or ill hide in a bush. i no he can smell me but sometimes i just hope it helps while i regain my hp…lol


When im playing the monster Lazarus is my primary target. He cloaks I focus and down the trapper and leave. If I manage to down the trapper first somehow then I just kill the trapper and try to bait Laz’ cloak. Once he is cloaked I return to the corpse.

Once his cloak is down again I go in and finish him off. Now this can be extremely risky in a situation where the assault and Support have direct vision on you (You have no cover) but generally you down players in safer locations like behind corners in order to guarantee that the rest of his team cant use beams to protect the guy anyway.


This post.

Lazarus is not meant to heal your team.

Lazarus is not meant to revive you (most of the time) when you’ve been downed.

Lazarus is meant to slip in when your sad, cold corpse is strewn upon the dirt and the monster is off eating/smashing other hunters/doing monster things and breath glorious life upon you with the Lazarus device.

The best thing you can do as a fellow hunter with Lazarus is damage the monster and keep him constantly occupied, let Laz set up a cozy tent and camp fire on some distant cliff if necessary, but just keep the monster away.

Also don’t spam the ping indicator when you’ve gone down because I’ve seen that way too often. Lazarus can’t feel rushed, it’ll only get everybody killed together.


lies. laz has by far the best burst heal. u can heal teammates that are not being focused at the right times and the monster will proly not see u. both val and laz make the most out of the burst heal. use it wisely to win.


I always run Feed Speed (It’s more of an exception to me not to hehe) and against most Pub Lazaruses, it’s amazing. Fast stages and easy Feed-and-Run strats. I’ve also been responsible for my fair share of Reaver/Venom Hound/O.Beetle mid-dome snacking. I just find it suits me juuust fine!

You only ever truly need just a moment or two to gobble up that hunter, or at the very least, enough to have Decay Timer speed up, too. An easy knockback+gobble is usually enough to get at least one of the meats >:)

But yeah, to go alongside what OP says, if the ENTIRE team were to just make distance and unload, even getting that brief moment is looking slim. Not to say Laz WILL get the revive, but you’ll have to play it a little smarter than your average pub group!


Ehhh, on technicalities I guess you’re right. I should say that his primary purpose is not to heal, it’s to revive the dead. He is capable of it, just not at the same rates that val and caira are


Everyone says use hp regen when laz is on the team, yet that perk only works out of combat. Wouldn’t it be better to run damage reduction or damage increase to stay alive, or punish more?


Thank god, at least some people realizing Laz is a great medic (well kind of medic but hey, whatever works)

He’s by far my favorite hunter, but I don’t often dare to pick it if I’m not with my friends, because there is always those plebs bringing people up with penalties, or complaning I’m not resurrecting them when there is a stage 3 goliath 10 cm near their corpse… uh.

Btw If anyone has advanced tips for becoming a better Laz, that would be great, especially against the feeding speed perk as mentionned, as I find it really hard to deal with, even if few people are using it.

Oh, and Hp regen doesn’t seem that necessary to me, once you have the tier 3 item recharge perk, your heal burst is pretty much back on every 8 seconds or so.