Lazarus Is Overpowered


I enjoy the game playing as monster. I really do. And i think i’m good player as monster, but everytime i see someone choose to play as lasarus, i’m 100% sure watching loading screen, that i’m gonna loose. These guy really needs some nerf. I mean played in alpha and beta, my best hunter was bucket and he got nerf in stage two, but you guys didn’t even touch this op hunter. Perhaps i’m stupid and i can’t figure out any counter-tactic on this guy, but when i play monster vs. team with lazarus i’m sweating so much… and i always loose.

In the name of all goliath/wraith players… please nerf lazarus.


This is bait right? Buckets better than hes ever been and lazarus is terrible now that any hunter going down lowers dome timer by 3:30


Laz is actually the worst medic right now. They nerfed his glove and cloak really hard. His cloak lasts far shorter now than it used to, and TONS of abilities reveal him in it. Simply hitting him and dealing damage will cause him to appear for a second, other things like flame still set him on fire and you can follow that. As for his glove, it only prevents a strike if the revives the hunter while he’s down. If Laz tries to revive the dead body, the hunter still recieves a strike. Couple that with the super fast decay times for hunters and Laz is terrible right now. Even his healing is sub par.

Also, as wolas said, Bucket is in the best position he’s ever been, easily up there for best support. Well, not best, he can’t beat Sunny, but he can hold a solid 2nd place with hank.


Laz got lots of nerfs and Bucket got plenty of buffs.

If you are LOSING (Come on people its not loosing) then perhaps you need to rethink your strategy. If you are having issues I’m sure many of us, me included, could offer some advice when you are facing against Laz.


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To be honest Jan, lazarus got nerfed quiet a bit, his device is giving them a life strike now if they got killed completely.
Before that even a death and revived hunter got his full health pool back.
And as Goliath just focus him and trigger his invisibilty, as soon as he is invisible just flamebreath him you will see some flames flying or jumping around just keep hitting him untill he is dead.


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Laz is literally the easiest medic to handle right now. Just camp the bodies and eat them when you can.


Get some more practice in mate.
Maybe play sum solo customs AS Laz, an see where he is strong and weak an build yourself a counter to him by playing as him.
The best way to defeat your enemy is to understand your enemy.


So i played some Lazarus today and aginst one hes not that annoying and underpowered/overpowered anymore
His healburst does heal 500 health points not like slims one with only a 150points im not a 100% sure but these are the numbers i recognized in fights. These 500 points by laz are actually pretty strong since his heal radius is pretty big.
I think lazarus is pretty viable and better balanced than some other hunters in aspects of usefulness to a team

laz has no longer high DPS as he had once
no longer those OP rez when hunter is completely dead (gets still a strike good balance)
his invis is a little bit useless now against an ok monster player

So in summary to what laz was hes pretty OK now not like EMET or other hunters who really need a rework


Actually, Laz is more viable now than he have ever been, yet far from OP.
Just don’t aim for kills, aim for strikes. Rather than dealing 1600 damage + healing (not counting Heal Burst since all medics got that), you have to do 1600 + incapped health (which is a lot less total health + an incapped player can’t dodge) and then you move on. Don’t try to eat the body, don’t try to prevent Laz from getting it up, unless your target is Laz himself.

At the final confrontation, just snowball. Most of them will have two strikes, doesn’t even matter if Laz fo manage to one hunter back (tho in this case preventing so could be worth it) as the device cooldown is so long you can only bring back one dead hunter before the other corpse rott away.


Laz is not overpowered. He was recently nerfed pretty hard because now when he revives dead team mates, they have a strike. He’s way less powerful now than he used to be.


Laz is OP but not nearly as much as he was, just burn your corpses.


I’ve played against plenty of lazarus players and it’s actually really easy you just need to know a few things:

Once a hunter goes down, you can bet your sweet ass that laz is going for an invisible revive, best thing to do here is camp the body, just sit on his/her face while they are down and occasionally attack it to knock the lurking lazarus back

Another important thing is that you can see their jetpack being used regardless of stealth, so take a good look for that.

Lastly, damaging lazarus reveals him, allowing you to keep your focus on him (since he’s the medic) and since he is the medic with the lowest amount of healing, it is generally easy to just straight up murder him.


Dude, Goliath and Wraith are GREAT against Lazarus. Flame breath shows you where he is when cloaked, and you can easily body camp with the Decoy/Supernova. It’s all about baiting him out.


I love that there are lazarus is under powered as well as over powered threads.

Ive long missed the days of people saying everything is/isnt over/underpowered.