Lazarus in DnD 5E?


I’m interested in making Laz in 5E and I’m not sure what class split to go with. Right now I’m thinking grave domain cleric and some rogue, but I’m not sure. Anyone have advice?


hmm. Necromancer would be ideal…

Other thoughts?


Race: Rock or deep gnome for that sweet INT boost or UA Vedalken. Tiefling or Variant human would also work so that you can get a feat.

Take wizard to 20 and focus hard on the necro school.


Or go opposite and take grave or death domain cleric!

Revivify for days!


Don’t forget to cast invisibility and wait outside the dungeon until everyone is dead. Then rez your dead party as zombie minions - who needs other players?


Arcane is the way to go with raising zombies, so Sorcerer/Wizard is the one to go with. Just get the sign-off with the DM before you start raising hordes of Undead.

Clerics are more oriented toward a Death Knight-style of play in 5e. If you’re willing to do some research into the 3.5/4 editions check out Libris Mortis: Book of the Undead & Heroes of Horror, and work with your DM to adapt the True Necromancer prestige class or Dread Necromancer classes. These’d be more up your alley as a minionmancer, especially the Dread Necromancer (free lichdom).

True Necromancer is more of an epic-prestige class, but it offers a lot of flexibility options when it comes to minions. You become a walking unholy shrine in later levels, you get spell-like abilities to raise undead and access to both divine and arcane spells.

Dread Necromancers have the best of both worlds, but have much less access to spells (but you get a hell of a lot more more minions and free lichdom).

Another option if your’re willing to go to the dark side would be to set up your character as an antagonist in a story arc in the campaign, eventually turning on the party after ascending into lichdom.


I was mostly thinking of a direct adaptation of Laz with a lot of skulking and well timed Revivifys. Grave domain cleric might go great with that but I’m not sure where to get invisibility from, and idk about becoming a full-on necromancy ever with 8 zombies at my back at all times


Take 2 levels of Rogue, 10 levels of cleric, then 8 of wizard. Find boots or a cloak of elvenkind and you’re set!