Lazarus "high level" Tips and Tactics


So I’ve been watching a good few streams and it seems the same conversation comes up about Lazarus all the time… that he’s great at low level play (i.e. where the monster is inexperienced or used to only fighting Val), but that he’s a waste of time at high level play, where the monster knows about the importance of Lazarus to the team’s end-game and knows how to track cloaked hunters.

I wanted to know from any other Lazarus fans about the kind of strategies and match-ups that you think will be important against the skilled monsters of this game. And “high level” monsters, what ways can a lazarus based team end up ruining your day?

We all know that Lazarus probably performs best, given how everyone knows to play right now, with a Griffin and Hank partnership in case he gets focused, but for me this seems like too defensive a composition and expects Lazarus to be getting in to trouble constantly.

Things that are probably not worth mentioning in this thread: Patience, Keeping out of sight, Not drawing attention to yourself. Basically anything that a lazarus player learns quickly and can screw over a less experienced monster! Also, not interested in balance chat personally, it’d be great if we can just talk about what we know as things are right now, working with the current balance :smile:

Personally I like staying separate from the rest of the team as Laz. Not far away, but enough that I’m able to do a bit of scouting and keep out of domes. I generally find myself outside of the dome when it goes down, which I’m beginning to think is a good thing. It confuses the monster briefly, but also means it has to just deal with the three hunters inside. I can choose my moment to enter the battle when it is most ideal for the team, without the monster being able to harass me.

We’ve also heard of being much more prepared as hunters, with Markov and Maggie setting up trap runs for Lazarus to try and bait an anti-Laz monster through for maximum damage, whether Lazarus is incapped or not at the end of it.


This might feel to short for your liking, but:
Stay outside the dome until the first person die. Your sniper and your weakspots do neglectable damage anyway.
Also, it’s not always worth to go in for the revive. A body camping monster is a monster not cheesing around in the arena.


Tell your allies to grab HP regen. Laz isn’t an effective healer before they fall down. Also, spam the healing burst as much as you can.


[quote=“MrTalha, post:2, topic:31914, full:true”]weakspots do neglectable damage anyway.

Weakspots are very important bro, very!


Agreed. It’s a shame that at the end of a round, Val get’s to see how much damage she has boosted with her weak spots, but Lazarus only gets to see his own dealt damage.

But if we look at the telemetry, Lazarus does about the same damage as Caira, ignoring the bonus damage the team gains from his weak points.


Indeed, so is the tradeoff of staying safe worth the lack of damage given from the sniper rifle? I’ve always found, when not being focused, that the rifle does plenty of damage (and boost) that makes it a good tool!


Agreed. Staying out of the dome just for your own safety is not worth losing your damage output, damage amp and healing fields.


Which probably brings me back to why I started this thread… how do you deal with less than ideal team comps while in the dome? For example, you find yourself paired up with Abe, Parnell and Bucket… what can you do as a lazarus and team to make sure that monster is either punished bad for going after Laz, or that Laz is able to be protected effectively? Team comp there is just as an example, I think most people agree that Griffin, Hank and Markov is the comp most suited to a typical Laz player?

Pre-edit (don’t want to spam my own thread!): I don’t think anyone would say Laz should get health regen, hopefully not anyway! Everyone else on the team however…


You’re a priority target. The second the monster knows about you, your job is to take command of the team and beat the living hell out of the Monster. Orbitals/Mines/Turrets/Assaults/Toxic Grenades or even Arenas can be dropped on a Monster who focuses you a tad too hrad.

Juke around in other’s deployables. Nothing like eating three mines in the face for landing one succesful Leap Smash on a Laz.

Headshot. All the time. You may deal minor damage, but holy crap does a headshot+weakspot Cutter do a lot of damage.

There are times to rez with the Lazarus device, and there are times to cloak and pick up your teammates. Remember that.

The cloak doesn’t hide your tracks or jetpack exhaust. Keep an eye out for non-Tyrant infested water, have Hank orbital you so you can get thrown away, or just cloak and stop in your tracks. You need to confuse the Monster, else your cloak was not worth popping.

Top off your teammates with Heal Burst every time you can. It won’t be of much use mid-battle anyway, as it gives away your location.

Develop dodging tricks. I’ve got a huge number of them, and for obvious resons won’t give away right now, but you can do a lot of crazy stuff with that.

While others may argue otherwise, you yourself shouldn’t be in need of HP regen perks. Your Heal Burst can sustain you in most situations you should get in as Lazarus.


As Hank I love the weakspots her rifle gleaves, but when it comes to Lazarus I’d rather have him safe and sound than a bunch of 1,5x marks. But I guess it’s a personal thing. Some people want that extra damage and is willing to risk it.


Alrighty, As a Laz main, I feel like I should contribute to this topic.

Let’s start with some info first:

Silenced Sniper Rifle:
Mag size: 10 rounds.
Reload time: 1,5 seconds.
Weak points boost dmg by 1,5, last 10 seconds.

Lazarus device:
Cooldown: ± 12 seconds.
Device takes about 0,8 seconds to charge.
You DON’T have to face the body to revive them. As soon as you are in range, you can revive them even if you were looking at the sky. Great for keeping an eye on the monster while reviving someone.

Personal Cloak:
Lasts: ± 12 seconds.
Cooldown: 25 seconds.


Euhm, when should you not rez with the Lazarus Device? I can’t think of a situation other than two teammates being incapped at the same time and you don’t have to time to wait for the device’s cooldown.


Well, you don’t decloak when you revive without the cloak. What use that really have, I do not know.

This will be very helpful in the future!

Anyone got any tips when it comes to perks?
I have played around with both faster recharge and extra capacity for that 15 seconds cloak.


That’s odd. I tested this yesterday and extra capacity does not increase the cloak’s duration. Neither does fast recharge decrease the cloak’s cooldown.


Point is, you stay cloaked when picking people up. I had monsters downing my entire team, thinking ‘Alright, now that last one bugger…’ and suddenly having to face an Assault, who, even though he has a strike, was rezzed without the Monster having an idea you were ever there.

Be the bait for Abe to get his first dart in. Cocky monsters.

Turrets can do a ton of damage while the Monster’s focusing you, and if it turns its attention to them, you get a timeframe to run.

Parnell is one tricky teammate to get along with. Best you, as Laz, can do, is coordinate his Super Soldier pops in a way where you can heal and cloak right afterwards. Also, he needs to get close for a full Shotgun, which you can be the temporary bait for.


Ah, that’s good to know. Though the monster will often be camping near the body, which makes the normal revive a bit too long. Depends on the situation I guess.


They don’t? Neither of them? I never actually counted the seconds, but I was sure it did.
I am really hoping this is a bug!


I have more experience fighting Lazarus than playing as him and usually he is the number 1 target but a few things I noticed that made him more annoying

  • his rapid fire sniper literally paints the monster with weak points dont let it go to waste as it can help deliver crazy amounts of damage

  • abuse cloak as much as possible if the monster gets close as if you can communicate with support you have 2 cloaks a personal and the team cloak, the longer your cloaked after the monster has set his eyes on ya it will either waste time searching for you not attacking your team or attack you team of which you can revive

I know they aren’t much but they are what made afew Lazarus’s more difficult than others in the beta


I thought that it did affect cloak, but not heal burst?


Nope, affect’s heal burst, not cloak. But ill test it again, I’m beginning to doubt myself.