Lazarus' Healing Burst Cooldown


So, maybe it’s a bug, maybe not (Kept it as Gameplay just in case it’s intended), but just had a couple games in Evac and I noticed that Lazarus (with Reload as his perk as I usually do) seems to have a roughly 17 second cooldown on his heal burst instead of the ~8 it has been.

Curious to know if anyone else noticed or if this is one of those “Ya missed the memo, Bio” moments :stuck_out_tongue:

Will see if I can get some SS showing the time when used and time when it comes off CD, but really more interested in seeing if I’m not the only one :wink:


Theres a bug where all class ability cooldowns are lengthened by the recharge/reload perk


Yikes! Well that’d explain it!

Now that you mention it… Val’s did seem on the long side this evening…


Yup. Do not use the reload perk. Ever. No matter what. Until it’s fixed.


Switching to bugs because it’s unintentional. Hope you’re fine with that.


And yeah it’s only on class abilities though. Either way not really worth risking.


Yup, not a problem at all :smiley:

Dammit! That was my go-to for pretty much every Medic minus Slim. At least in the first match :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d try capacity in the meantime. Works well with Caira and Val. As for Lazarus maybe health regeneration.


Yeah Capacity is my fallback on Caira, though Ill have to try it out w/ Val :stuck_out_tongue:

For Laz? I think I’ll stick to either Jump (To try out the new and improved one) or Jetpack recharge if HP Regen isn’t suiting my mood :wink:


It’s all about experimentation :wink: