Lazarus' heal is overpowered


I know a few other people have said this, and others don’t agree, but I still feel the need to bring this up. Also, before I start: yes, this is an anger filled complaint.

I have just finished playing a string of games on Evolve, almost all of which have been interesting, balanced and fun to play even if I lost. However, I seem to find that every time I play the monster and Lazarus appears on the hunter’s team the balance is suddenly tipped heavily in their favour. Before anyone says anything, I understand that if I take him out first, there’s no problem. The problem is taking him out.

I can try to focus him as much as I want, but obviously his team protects him as he dodges. That’s fair enough, I would expect it to be the same in any other game. The issue that arises here is that in any other situation, changing target is a viable option to focus someone else down knowing that if you get them, the original target will be a little bit easier. That is not the case with Lazarus, as he can simply bring them back to life with full health as if nothing happened. So you camp the body, make sure he can’t get to it only to have your health eroded by hunters (just out of reach for the most part) forcing you to leave before you invest too much in the conflict.

I would not have a problem with this instant revival if it still came with some form of penalty, but it doesn’t. Ok, it only works at close range, but considering half the time I play as a hunter I can revive someone normally anyway, that doesn’t seem to be too much of a disadvantage. The fact of the matter is that a player playing as the monster should not be able to invest so heavily in a fight, maybe down or even kill 2/3 hunters to gain no advantage from it in the later fights as he would otherwise do, facing a full team of healthy as new hunters like they were never in a fight in the first place.

The fact that one character can make such a huge difference to the game is, in my opinion, ridiculous. No hunter should work mechanically as a ‘focus me or lose’. All the other various team compositions allow for a variety of different tactics that both monster and hunters can adapt with and to. Lazarus forces only one real option.


If the team is protecting him, bring them all to low hp and then finish them all off at once. He can’t save everyone and then they can’t punish you much for camping the body. You can also eat the dead hunters to prevent Laz from ressing them.


This is my favored strategy. His only healing ability is the burst, and then if they all gather up to take advantage of it, you can hit them all with AoE. Which makes finding him a cinch.


Most of the time you can eat their body to prevent a revive, anyway. There have been a few games where I know for a fact I ate the dead hunters and Laz was able to revive anyway.

I think Laz is easy to take down unless he has a good support player protecting him. They b can sort of alternate cloak and shield making him hard to kill. What I typically do is engage early, get some feelers out for their skill, then wait for them to fuck up. One good rock toss at Laz while the other hunters are focused elsewhere goes a long way. Then once he’s down the rest are toast.


Did you eat both meats? If you eat just 1 or 1.99 it won’t ‘decay’.


First doesnt really help you. The best way to beat laz is to drop anyone (support/trapper will go down faster in this case) and as soon as you drop them turn away and target someone else. this give a laz a fals esense of security. turn around three seconds later to find the laz and punish him. Laz will find himself for you. In doing this you made the team think they created space for laz when you got what you wanted which was separating Laz from the group. then he pretty much dies and you win. you might wanna baby sit the body a bit.

Laz is the easiest team comp to counter with any monster.


Also, unless Hank is on the team, just murder the trapper every dome and run off. You will get to Stage 3 with full HP.


Yep both. They still got revived.


I do know there is a Laz hack out there that allows you to even rez yourself, but I haven’t seen it myself. Otherwise a fully eaten corpse cannot be ressed.


It’s true that you can’t really focus on anyone else, but at the same time, he can’t heal himself well if at all during your attack (depending on last burst usage) and once he’s out, there’s nothing stoping you from destroying everybody else. Also, he can’t do much in actual combat. If he’s actually involve, he dies. He’s soley there to revive. You essentially fight 3 very sturdy people, really. And that’s why I don’t think he’s OP, just forces you to play differently. I don’t struggle a lot against him and when I play as him, I’m usually either doing very well or terribly, depending on mode and team.


I mean I don’t really think that’s fair… I personally love Lazarus… it kinda sounds like your upset that Lazarus makes it so your not able to freely wreck a team to your liking… you can’t be mad that a Hunter in the group really changes the dynamic of who must go down first because each monster is a completely different beast… And it changes the team approach if they are smart…

The biggest Achilles to any laz team is laz him self…your writing makes it seem that you know what ur doing as monster so ur biggest issue is really that u haven’t come up with an effective counter… my fav tactic against laz is to target some one else…usually support or assault to down them and then run off like I e never heard of a laz device… then I watch sneakily after laz swoops in I light his ass on fire and wailing.on his assault till he’s down


You don’t have to focus Laz, there are several other tactics that work just as well. With the greatest of respect it seems like you just need to spend some time working on them until you find what works for you.


He will run out of fuel long before you run out of armor if you play right, and you can down someone else as bait for Lazarus - just be ready to shift focus to him when he shows.

Honestly I struggle far more with Caira as Monster.

And good luck not focusing Hank if you cross paths with a decent one.



Basically you need to get better. watch some games of decent players, read up on playing against him, and bait his cloak.


I agree. Lazarus is not OP IMO. Caira on the other hand…


I love how fast his health burst recharges with quick reload perk, I read somewhere around here that the modders say it heals significantly less than the others. So I just pop in and out of stealth mode to keep the trapper alive.

I find that it is important to keep the trapper and laz alive. I use it as often as possible out of combat and hangback and pop in like a ninja when in a dome.

Sidenote, the Lazarus Device only revives hunters/survivors/colonist at 60%healthh.


I can’t believe senpai said she is where she needs to be and they won’t tweaking her.

Though it could mean other medics might be getting a boost.

Caira x Cabot most OP couple of all time. Abe is very powerful but I’ve learned to handle him well.


I know it’s not supposed to happen when you eat them but sometimes the game fucks it up.


Still don’t really know how laz works, cause you’re meant to come back with no downs, yet when I get revived I have a down. Oh, and if they done u, go after him, I think it’s a lot easier to down a hunter when in a some cause of lack of space.