Lazarus Device


I was just wondering about the Lazarus Device. I know it can be used to revive a downed team mate without getting them any strikes and it can revive them when they die so here’s my question.

Does the hunter get no strikes when revived from either death or incapacitation by the Lazarus Device?

Exmple: your team mate is downed and you revive him/her with the Lazarus Device and the get no strikes on their health. later in the game your team mate is dead and you use the Lazarus Device on him/her, do they get a strike on their health because they were revived from death and not incapacitation or does it not matter either way?


I believe it doesn’t matter. But if they’re dead longer than 45 seconds (I think) it the corpse get eaten by the monster or wildlife the hunter can’t be revived


If revived from down/death with the device there is no strike. As @Magik_boom said, if the body decays or is eaten it can be revived. Lazarus himself can’t use the device on himself therefore he is the primary target and accrues strikes. Alternatively while Lazarus is in a down state, if any other hunters are downed and revived by non Lazarus hunters they will receive a strike normally. When you factor in max health with strikes (using Val) and the loss of combat healing (with Laz) it works out to be a very different but even experience.


thank you for the info


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